Harvest Festival

18th October 2013

A fabulous Harvest festival was enjoyed by all!

We had a fabulous number of foodbank donations (just look at the photograph!) which shall be packaged up and sent off to a foodbank in Aldridge next week.


This year, the Harvest Assembly was led and arranged by Revered Dave from St James' Church.

Year 4 began proceedings with a class performance of a Harvest Prayer. This was followed by Nursery performing two songs; 5 currant buns and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, without music due to a technical fault once more! They did a grand job despite this. Year 1 and 2 children then spoke about what Harvest meant to them with regards to fruits, vegetables, flowers and animals. Year 3 children then shared what they had learned about different foods from around the world. Year 5 were next and performed a class reading of Psalm 65. After this, Reception class sang a song called 'Harvest Time' to the tune of three blind mice before the whole school sang a song called 'I Have Seen the Golden Sunshine'. They had been practising this for a couple of weeks and sounded brilliant - well done! Reverend Dave stepped up next and read a Harvest story with actions that all the pupils could do. Everyone had fun doing that! Finally Year 6 ended the service by reading a second Harvest Prayer; there were some fabulous Harvest themed outfits.

A significant number of parents, carers, friends and relatives came along to enjoy the assembly (we perhaps need to consider extending our school hall!)

On behalf of the whole school; thank-you for your support and generosity.