Welcome to Nursery!

Class Teachers: Mrs Hale and Mrs Jones
Teaching Assistants: Ms Davies and Mrs Walker
A big hello from Nursery!
This page will give you lots of information about things we are doing in Nursery and how you can support your child in their learning.
In our Nursery we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities designed to promote the cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth of its children. Children can enjoy experimenting with sand, water, paint, clay, glue, wood and many other basic materials.

They enjoy looking at books, listening to stories and learning songs and rhymes. They can dress up in the role-play area, play with a variety of toys and games and engage in food technology.

Our Nursery allows children to make decisions, take turns with each other, share the attention of the adults and establish relationships with one another.

By the end of their time in Nursery, children should be more confident, capable and ready for Reception.
Class Information
Fab Friday!
Every Friday we will have a celebration of your children's week in Nursery. This will commence on Friday 23rd September. You are invited to come into Nursery slightly earlier than usual at 11.30am so that we can share with you the wonderful things we have been doing and the achievements of individual children.
P.E will take place every Thursday morning. 
Introducing Edward Bear
Please look out for Edward Bear coming home with your child on Fridays for the weekend. Each week we will choose a child to take him home. Use the book for writing about what your child has been getting up to with Edward. You can include photos if you wish.
Please make sure he comes back to school with his bag and book during the week, ready for another adventure on Friday.
Fabulous Friday
Stars of the Week
This week Jessika and Theo received a certificate for being superstars. 
Well done to you both!
What have we been up to in the Summer term?
Another busy week in Nursery! The children have enjoyed being creative outdoors, mixing paint in the water tray by sending different colours down the guttering. We had many excited shouts of 'Can we do this again tomorrow?'. A sure sign of a fun time! Some children painted beautiful symmetrical butterflies too, following the release of our Painted Lady butterflies last week.
Please remember to send your child in a labelled hat and a coating of sun cream during the hot weather.
Wb 26.6.2017
Something very exciting has happened in Nursery this week...our butterflies have emerged from their cocoons! We were fascinated as we watched then flapping their wings for the first time!
We have also learnt body counting this week and are learning how to write numbers.
Wb 19.6.17
What a busy week. This week we went on our trip to Birches Valley in Cannock Chase. We walked in the forest to solve the mystery of where the naughty dragon had taken our packed lunches to. We made Boggats and fairy homes too. After lunch we went on the Gruffalo trail and played on a lovely adventure playground. The children all behaved fantastically and we were all very proud of them!
Today we had a great Samba drumming session in the hall where we played different percussion instruments. It was great fun.
Wb 12.6.2017
This week we have enjoyed yet another Julia Donaldson story - Tiddler, all about a tiny fish who tells BIG stories! We have enjoyed fishing for numbers in our water tray and searching for sea creatures in our messy tray which has been filled with strawberry jelly! Mrs Walker showed us how to make jelly with boiling water then we put it in the fridge to set.
We had a special delivery in Nursery this week, caterpillars! They have grown a lot already and we are looking forward to watching them grow and change.
Wb 5.6.17
We have had a lovely first week back after the holidays. Our story has been 'The Rainbow Fish' which the children have loved. They have painted and decorated some beautiful sparkly fish. They enjoyed getting messy, digging in the soil, examining the leaves and roots of our potato plants. We had a very interesting time on Friday when we investigated a real fish from the fishmongers! We looked at the scales, fins, tail and even inside the fish. Great fun, but a bit smelly! 
Wb 15.5.17
What a week of weather! We have managed to get outdoors despite the weather. The children loved running around in the rain with umbrellas.
The damp weather encouraged snails to come out so we had some slimy visitors on Wednesday. The children loved watching the snails and some brave children even had one on their hands! 
Don't forget Sports Day next Friday followed by a picnic. Let's hope for better weather.
Wb 8.5.2017
This week we have had a wonderful time outside playing in our new home corner! We have enjoyed listening to the story 'What the Ladybird Heard,' which takes place on a farm. We made play dough ladybirds with lots of spots and loved investigating our farmyard themed small world area. We are brilliant at making farm animal noises whilst singing Old Macdonald had a Farm!
Wb 1.5.17
Our story this week was 'The Gruffalo's Child' by Julia Donaldson and the children have really enjoyed it. We have been re telling the story using character puppets in the small world and we have enjoyed making footprints in the sand with different animals. We have also made the most of the lovely weather and played out doors in the new water area. The children loved making shadows in the bright sunshine.
Wb 24.4.2017
Welcome back to school! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are looking forward to the Summer Term. 
We have had an exciting first week back introducing our next set of weekly stories - this time all from the author Julia Donaldson. So far we have acted out the story of the Gruffalo and produced some fantastic collages!
What have we been up to in the Spring term?
Maths Day 17.3.17
We had a fab time doing lots of activities on Maths Day! The children were great, displaying lots of number skills and knowledge.
Wb 13.3.2017
This week we have been learning all about minibeasts! We have loved the book 'Mad About Minibeasts' and learned a lot about the different types. We made our own minibeasts and painted spiders. We played a counting game with ladybirds, rolling a dice and counting out that many spots.
We are continuing to learn new letters and sounds - this week we learned 'j' for jam and jelly.
Wb 6.3.17
We have enjoyed some lovely weather this week so we have managed to get outdoors a lot. The children loved using the bats and balls in the sunshine. Our story this week was 'Rumble in the jungle' and we had a great P.E session moving like animals in the hall, slithering like snakes on a bench, crawling like a crocodile and jumping off a high box like a monkey.
Wb 27.2.2017
This week we have been celebrating Shrove Tuesday! We helped Mrs Walker make pancakes and ate them with lemon and sugar. They were delicious! 
We have also enjoyed acting out the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt!'. We sorted compare bears and tried drawing a bear. We re-told the story in our Small World area.
We also celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as Wally out of 'Where's Wally?' Lovely costumes everyone!
Wb 13.2.2017
This week we have enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day! We talked about the people we love and made love heart hats to give as presents. We have also loved the story 'Aliens Love Underpants.' We have painted underpants and found aliens of all shapes and sizes in our sand and water! We are continuing to work hard learning our letters and sounds and are beginning to practise name writing along with reading and writing simple cvc words.
Wb 6.2.2017
This week our story has been 'Whatever Next' about a bear who zooms to the moon and has a picnic there! The children helped to paint a huge space rocket for role play and re enacted the story several times. The children enjoyed picnicking on the moon with their friends. We also have a space station in the small world which the children have enjoyed, making up imaginative stories with the astronauts.
Wb 30.1.2017
Happy new year! This week we have been learning about the Chinese new year. We loved the story of the Emperor Jade who told twelve animals to have a race across a river to decide which animal the first year would be named after. Due to a bit of cheating the rat won! This year it is the year of the rooster. We have made Chinese lanterns and a wonderful dragon to celebrate the new year. Kung hei fat choi!
Our book this week was 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' and the children have enjoyed role play in our shoe shop. Some of them have loved trying on the different shoes and pretending to buy mend, buy and sell them. Although it has been very cold, we have still managed to get outdoors to investigate the frost and ice and make marks in it too. In addition we have been practising the letter sounds we have learnt and we now know 14 ! (s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,e,u)
Wb 16.1.2017
This week we have enjoyed a new story from Africa - Handa's Surprise! We told the story together using masks and a basket of fruit. We tasted mango and most of us loved it! We made play dough fruit to put in Handa's basket and coloured pictures of fruit and animals from the story. 
We also learned a new sound this week (e) and went for a walk around our school looking for numbers.
Wb 9.1.17
We had a lovely surprise today at school. SNOW! There were lots of very excited children. We wrapped up nice and warm and managed to get outside to make snowballs, snowmen and snow angels. It was very cold but lots of fun.
Earlier in the week we also had a very windy day. We had fun making and flying kites!
Thank you to all the parents to came to our writing presentation this week. We hope you found it useful and will continue to support your child at home. Together we can really make a difference.
Wb 3.1.2017
Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to school! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. We have had a fantastic first week back in Nursery, welcoming three new children from Bright Beginnings. They have settled in brilliantly! 
We have loved listening to Stick Man and have enjoyed a range of activities including painting him, playing Pooh sticks in our water tray, re-telling the story in the small world area and using sticks to make masts for flags on our sandcastles in the sand area. Some children in Nursery are welcoming new babies into their families so we are currently looking after babies in our role-play area. We have some very attentive little Moms and Dads!
What have we been getting up to in the Autumn term?
Wb 5.12.2016
Well the weeks are still flying by and we are almost at the end of our first term! This week we have been very busy performing in our Christmas production. The children were fantastic! You must be incredibly proud of them all, as are we. Thanks again for your support in providing costumes and bringing the children back to perform in the evenings. 
Also this week we have also been finishing off our Christmas cards and calendars and investigating snow in our water tray!
We have had a little visitor in our class this week - Eddie the Elf and he has been up to all sorts of mischief! He's been sitting in our Christmas tree, eating the crisps out of Mrs Hale's lunchbox and riding on our eagle! Every day after school he flies back to the North Pole to tell Santa if the boys and girls in Nursery have been bad or far so good!
Wb 28.11.16
Only two weeks until the end of term! Christmas will soon be upon us.
We have been busy making our Christmas craft ready to sell at the Christmas fayre. Our cards and calendars are also in the pipeline. It seems as though we haven't spent much time in the classroom due to rehearsals for the play. Thank you to everyone for your help with costumes, the children do look spectacular! The performances are Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
The children have loved Santa's Grotto in the classroom and have been very busy sorting presents and dressing up.
Please come and support us at the Christmas fayre on Friday 3.30-5.00.
Wb 21.11.2016
The weeks are flying by in Nursery - we must be having a lot of fun! This week we survived the torrential rain on Monday by staying indoors and sharing our new story, 'The Wizard of Oz.' Next we played with lions, tigers and bears in our sand, painted magnificent rainbows and made patterned necklaces for Dorothy!
As Christmas is fast approaching we have been practising for our performance and been busy making twinkling stars for us to hold as we sing and dance. We are looking forward to showing you all!
Wb 14.11.16
Here we are again at the end of another fun week. Our story this week was 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' and the children have enjoyed many activities indoors and out. Some children have loved our new theatre area outdoors where they can sing and play musical instruments, also painting dwarves and playing with numbered dwarves in the sand.
Today has been Children in Need Day. Thank you to all those who kindly donated, we were all very cosy and warm in our pyjamas and onesies as you can see from the photos!
WB 7.11.2016
We have had a wonderful week - if a little on the cold side! We have certainly needed our hats, gloves and scarves! We listened to the story of 'The Little Red Hen'and shared some bread, spreading butter and jam. We made buns and bread out of salt dough so that we can pretend to have a bakery in our role-play area. We sang 'Five Currant Buns in a Baker's Shop' and paid a penny for a bun!
To celebrate Remembrance Day we painted beautiful poppies and talked about the brave soldiers who protect our country.
Wb 17.10.2016
We have had a wonderful week in Nursery, looking forward to half term and Halloween! Our story of the week has been 'The Three Little Pigs'. We enjoyed painting pigs and making them out of pink play dough. We used masks to act out the story in our home corner using squeaky voices for the pigs and gruff scary voices for the wolf.
We also learnt a new sound this week - 't'. We looked at lots of objects beginning with t then went on a 't treasure hunt' looking for them around our room. 
We are noticing the changes in our outdoor environment as we head into Autumn, examining conkers and playing in a small world area with a pumpkin house. Lots of us also enjoyed making bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cheerios!
WB 10.11.16
What a busy week! Our story has been 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and some of the children have painted wonderful trolls. Our maths activity this week has been 'The Number Troll Bridge'. Each child is invited to cross the bridge after completing the troll's challenge which was to count as far as they could in order. They thoroughly enjoyed this!
Thank you to those of you who were able to come to the IMPACT workshop, we hope you found it interesting and informative.
WB 3.10.2016
This week we have continued our theme of traditional stories with 'Little Red Riding Hood.' We loved re-telling the story with different voices! We used paper plates to make masks of Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf and Grandma.  
Also, we have been learning about the letter 's' and the 'sssss' sound it makes. We played 'Silly Soup' putting a snake, a seal, Spiderman, a pair of scissors, the number seven and smelly socks into a bowl and stirring them up!
We have enjoyed lots of counting activities every day including checking how many children are in Nursery and singing active 'Count to 20' songs.
WB 26.9.16
We have had another busy week in Nursery. Our book of the week was 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and the children have been re-telling the story with our puppet characters. They particularly love the giant and enjoy shouting 'FEE FI FO FUM'. Outdoors, the children have been sorting beans and using tweezers to pick them up to develop their pincer grip, cutting out characters from the story and colouring them and making leaf rubbings for the beanstalk. We have also been measuring the children to see who is the tallest when measured against our beanstalk height chart.
We also had a great P.E lesson in the hall. Some of the children are getting really good at getting dressed and undressed.
Wb 19.9.2016
We have enjoyed another great week in Nursery. Our book of the week has been The Gingerbread Man.We made salt dough gingerbread men and Mrs Hale put them in the oven to bake. When she took them out ten were missing! They had run away and were hiding all around our classroom. Luckily, the children helped to find them. We have loved painting and colouring gingerbread men and played a counting game, rolling a dice and putting that many buttons on a large gingerbread man. 
Wb 12.9.2016
We have had a wonderful start to the Autumn term in Nursery - all of the new children have settled in well and are getting used to our routines and their new surroundings at school.This week we celebrated what would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday by dressing up as some of the characters from his books. We enjoyed a parade of characters in the hall - everyone looked fantastic! 
As well as dressing up this week we have enjoyed the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We made porridge and tasted it with sugar, jam or honey. We made porridge for the three bears and left it to cool down while we played outside. When we came back naughty Goldilocks had eaten all of Baby Bear's porridge and knocked his chair over!
Helping your child
In Nursery we believe parents play an important role in their child's education. At the bottom of this page you will find lots of information for you to support your child in their learning. There are also useful website links to support your child in literacy and maths.
Throughout EYFS (Nursery and Reception) everyone works hard to develop each child's capacity to learn, helping them to make good progress and develop excellent attitudes.

The Keys Skills and Early Years Curriculum are delivered through a range of themes, developed through the interests of the children. 


The Nursery Curriculum (30 - 50 months) covers the Prime and Specific areas of learning.


Phonics in Nursery


In Nursery, we now use a range of schemes to develop your child's reading as we find that children respond better having a range of strategies to remember their sounds.

 To begin with we work on Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds. This paves the way for the systematic learning of phonics.
We plan activities that will help children to listen attentively to sounds around them, such as the sounds of their toys and in spoken language. Also we teach a wide range of nursery rhymes and songs which children enjoy and we emerse them in good books which helps to increase their vocabulary and helps them talk confidently about books.

Learning how to ‘sound-talk’

In Nursery we show children how to do blend sounds together to read a word for example, c-a-t = cat. The separate sounds (phonemes) are spoken aloud, in order, all through the word, and are then merged together into the whole word. The merging together is called blending and is a vital skill for reading.
Children will also learn to do this the other way around, i.e. cat = c-a-t. The whole word is spoken aloud and then broken up into its sounds (phonemes) in order, all through the word.
This is called segmenting and is a vital skill for spelling.
This is all oral (spoken). Your child will not be expected to match the letter to the sound at this stage. The emphasis is on helping children to hear the separate sounds in words and to create spoken sounds. 


We love singing...

The children love joining in with new and favourite songs and rhymes. It has also helped with our counting.

Below are our most popular songs for you to enjoy at home. The children will most definitely help you to learn them (and the actions too!).

In Nursery we develop counting skills using rhymes and songs. Below are some of our favourite songs to sing along to.