Welcome to Nursery!

Class Teachers: Mrs Hale and Mrs Jones
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Walker, Miss Moore and Mrs Mason
A big hello from Nursery!
This page will give you lots of information about things we are doing in Nursery and how you can support your child in their learning.
In our Nursery we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities designed to promote the cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth of its children. Children can enjoy experimenting with sand, water, paint, clay, glue, wood and many other basic materials.

They enjoy looking at books, listening to stories and learning songs and rhymes. They can dress up in the role-play area, play with a variety of toys and games and engage in food technology.

Our Nursery allows children to make decisions, take turns with each other, share the attention of the adults and establish relationships with one another.

By the end of their time in Nursery, children should be more confident, capable and ready for Reception.
Class Information
P.E will take place every Thursday morning. 
 Edward Bear
***Every Friday***
Please look out for Edward Bear coming home with your child on Fridays for the weekend. Each week we will choose a child to take him home. Use the book for writing about what your child has been getting up to with Edward. You can include photos if you wish.
Please make sure he comes back to school with his bag and book during the week, ready for another adventure on Friday.
Stars of the Week-Summer Term 2018 
What have we been getting up to in the Summer Term?
Wb 16.7.2018
This week we welcomed the Animal Lady into school! She brought many interesting animals for us to look at and hold, including a Royal Python and a Kinkajou (Honey Bear). The Kinkajou smelt sweet like honey! We were all extremely careful and kind to the animals. 
Wb 2.7.18
Thank you to everyone who came to Sports Day and the family picnic last week. I am sure you will agree it was a success and the children certainly enjoyed it.
Than you too for coming and supporting the Summer Fair on Friday. We hope you loved our colourful bugs. The children loved making them, choosing their own colours and number of spots. 
Until the end of term we are following a mini beast and animal theme and the children will be learning about snails, spiders, ladybirds and tortoises. 
WB 18.6.2018
This week we harvested our potatoes! We have been looking after them for several weeks, watering them and watching them grow. We had a huge bowlful! Jan, our school cook, boiled them for us and we all tasted them - they were absolutely delicious!
Wb 11.6.18/18.6.18
We have had lots of fun investigating vehicles over the last two weeks. The children made a rowing boat out of a large box and enjoyed role play in there. It also encouraged a lot of writing. We made a train display for our wall with our names on. Please come and have a look.
Our book this week is 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy. The children have enjoyed acting out the story using props and making rockets. 
Wb 4.6.18
Our story this week has been 'The Train Ride'. We have had fun re telling the story with instruments and joining in with the refrain. The children have been using the ramps and the cars to see which ramp was the best. Outside we made a cardboard box boat which encouraged lots of role play and writing. Holly was very excited to tell us about her safari park brochure which she was very knowledgeable about.
Wb 14.5.18
We have had a lovely week celebrating the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The children have been decorating crowns, counting gem stones on crowns and dressing up as Princes and Princesses. Tia was chosen to be our Princess for the Royal lunch on Friday, well done Tia.
We had some visitors to Nursery on Wednesday. Some ducklings came to see us.The children were very interested and were very careful when touching them. 
WB 8.5.2018
This week we had an intruder in Nursery! Mrs Walker made porridge for the three bears and we took them for a walk while it cooled down. When we went back into Nursery someone had made a terrible mess! Baby bear's chair had been knocked over and someone had eaten all of his porridge! We dialled 999 and asked for the Police Service to come and investigate!
Wb 30.4.18
This week we have been looking at Emergency! a lovely book all about different emergency services. The children have loved dressing up as firefighters and responding to a variety of emergency situations. In maths we sang 'Five little Firefighters', counting back and exploring early subtraction.
We have now started our Read, Write Inc phonics lessons with our older children. We are learning to read and write a sound each day and learning to blend using Fred talk! 
Wb 16.4.18   Welcome back! 
Welcome to our four new children in Nursery who have settled in very well indeed!
We hope you had a lovely break. It is typical that the lovely weather is here now we are back to school!
We have made the most of the sunshine this week, exploring all our new provision outdoors after having our new canopy.
On Thursday we went on the trim trail and the children had lots of fun balancing, swinging and climbing! We have been concentrating on recognising and ordering numbers to 10.
Please make sure that you apply sun cream before school and please bring a hat or cap for protection during the hot weather.
What have we been up to in the Spring Term?
Wb 19.3.18
We have loved dressing up in wigs and glasses this week just like the giant in our story 'Jim and the Beanstalk'. In fact dressing up has been very popular, lots of children have spent the week in different outfits!
Today was Sports Relief day. Thank you to all those of you who sponsored your child for their walk around the field.
Please remember to bring Nursery rhyme books back in to school each Friday. Also look out for Edward Bear who will be coming home with a different child each week.
Wb 12.3.18
Our book of the week is 'Jack and the Beanstalk' which the children have absolutely loved. They have been planting seeds, collaging leaves, counting beans and re telling the story in the small world. Some children completed a sequencing activity where they had to place pictures from the story in the correct order. We will be continuing this story next week and also introducing 'Jim and the Beanstalk' too.
WB 5.3.2018
What an exciting week we have had! We celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a special assembly and a 1960s themed party in the hall. We looked at old photographs and videos of our school, sang 'Happy Birthday to Us!' and enjoyed a lovely birthday cake!
Wb 5.2.18
Our book of the week was 'Dear Zoo' and the children have been enjoying talking about and investigating wild animals. The small world has been an insect environment and we have loved finding out about them, counting legs, eyes and antennae. In the role play we have been looking after animals and being vets. We have played lots of games including jungle snap, guess the footprints and make a pattern on the giraffe. We have also enjoyed collage animals and mixing paint in the water tray using foam.
Wb 22.1.18
This week we have enjoyed a lovely story called 'Monkey Puzzle' in which a butterfly is helping a monkey look for his mom. We have painted butterflies, investigated jungle small world and splashed in a green crocodile swamp. In the sand we have searched for things that begin with the letter sound 'm'.
Achieve team had a wonderful time on the trip to the cinema on Thursday.
Well done Achieve!
Wb 22.1.2018
We have had a lot of fun in Nursery this week! We are still enjoying the story of The Three Little Pigs and have made pig masks, painted WANTED posters for the big, bad wolf and looked at pigs' trotters! 
Wb 8.1.2018
Happy New Year to all our children and parents! Welcome back to school! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good rest.
We are so happy to be back at school and have had a fantastic week enjoying another traditional story - The Three Little Pigs. We loved telling the story and everyone joined in with the wolf's huffing and puffing! We made houses of straw, sticks and bricks for the pigs and are making pig masks to use as we act out the story. We have had some new children join us this week and they have all settled in beautifully! 
What have we been up to in the Autumn term?
Wb 4.12.2017
Christmas is fast approaching in Nursery! This week the children have loved decorating our class Christmas tree and have been busy making Christmas cards. Also, a mystery parcel turned up on our was a special box with a letter from Santa telling us all about our class Christmas elf! He will be joining us in Nursery every day and reporting back to Santa about all the good work we have been doing. We decided to call him Elfie! We are looking forward to seeing what he gets up to over the next few weeks.
Wb 27.11.17
This week we have been continuing our bear theme with the story of Goldilocks. The children loved the story and have enjoyed acting it out in the role play and small world areas. 
Another bear came to visit us on Friday- Pudsey Bear! He came round to all the classes and had a hug with everyone. The children were very surprised!
We hope you enjoyed our Christmas Fayre on Friday and that you all have a lovely gingerbread man to hang on your tree.
Wb 20.11.17
This week we have continued with our story 'We're going on a bear hunt' and completed lots of bear activities. The children have enjoyed hunting for different bears around the class and using a tick chart. Lots of the children love the doctor's role play and have been checking their friends and trying to make them better.
Wb 13.11.17
This week we have been on a bear hunt! We took off our shoes and socks, rolled up our trousers and went through a river, a forest, a snow storm and squelchy mud. Inside our cave we found a bear! The children loved acting out the story in a sensory way. We have also weighed different sized bears, collaged a bear and enjoyed bikes and pushchairs outdoors.
Today is Children in Need and we came dressed in our pyjamas. Thank you for all the donations.
Wb 6.11.2017
This week we have been talking about Bonfire Night! Lots of our children saw bonfires and fireworks at the weekend so we decided to print colourful fireworks using cardboard rolls. We also made hedgehogs using play dough, googly eyes and straws! 
Also this week, Mrs Walker introduced us to Beat Baby - he helps us to keep the beat and is teaching us lots of new songs and rhymes. 
Wb 30.10.17
Welcome back! We hope you had a great holiday. This week we have read the story 'Funnybones' and enjoyed lots of different activities. We made skeletons, caught eyeballs, painted pumpkins and rolled them outside. Indoors the children have loved our doctors surgery role play.
Also this week was the Halloween disco and pumpkin competition. Well done to Minnie for winning with her fantastic pumpkin.
Wb 16.10.2017
This week we have had great fun with phonics! So far we have learned two letters and their sounds - 's' and 'a.' We enjoyed singing 'Silly Soup,' putting various things in a bowl beginning with different letters and sorting objects according to their initial sound. We have been playing lots of listening games so that we will be able to hear the sounds in words as we learn to read and write.
Wb 9.10.17
We have had great fun painting and printing with Autumn colours and getting nice and messy. Our new story was 'The Little Red Hen' and the children have enjoyed re telling the story. In the story the Little Red Hen she made some bread so we had a go at making our own loaf. It was lovely to look at but didn't turn out as we expected!
Wb 2.10.2017
We have had another wonderful week in Nursery! Continuing our focus on traditional stories we listened to the story 'Rosie's Walk' and retold it as we played with a toy farm and animals in our small world area. We loved painting and making collage hens in our creative area and have been using positional language such as over, under, through and between as we build and play in our indoor and outdoor construction areas.
Also this week, Mrs Walker introduced us to our new class pets...stick insects! They are tiny at the moment but we are looking forward to looking after them and watching them grow.
Wb 25.9.17
This week we have had great fun making currant buns for the role play and the children have been pretending to bake and sell cakes and gingerbread men. We have enjoyed exploring outdoors and were very excited to find a gigantic slug! On Wednesday the children loved painting their hands and printing them on a huge piece of paper. What a mess!
We hope you will all come in tomorrow to support MacMillan and buy some cakes at 2.30pm.
Wb 18.9.2017
We have enjoyed another fun filled week in Nursery! We have loved joining in with the story of 'The Gingerbread Man,' painting and making our own gingerbread men - we hope they don't run away! 
Also, we enjoyed playing a gingerbread counting game, rolling dice and counting out the correct number of buttons. We had a competition to see who could get the most!
Wb 11.9.17
Our first full week is complete. We have been very pleased that the children have settled so well. We have had lots of fun in Nursery this week playing both indoors and outdoors. We played games in the hall during P.E. and have enjoyed investigating a huge dried sunflower. Our story has been 'Room on the Broom' and we had great fun acting out the story using a huge broomstick and props.
Wb 5.9.2017
We have had a wonderful start to the Autumn term in Nursery - all of the new children have settled in well and are getting used to our routines and their new surroundings at school. On our first day we wore capes and carried wands to celebrate twenty years of Harry Potter!  
Helping your child
In Nursery we believe parents play an important role in their child's education. At the bottom of this page you will find lots of information for you to support your child in their learning. There are also useful website links to support your child in literacy and maths.
Throughout EYFS (Nursery and Reception) everyone works hard to develop each child's capacity to learn, helping them to make good progress and develop excellent attitudes.

The Keys Skills and Early Years Curriculum are delivered through a range of themes, developed through the interests of the children. 


The Nursery Curriculum (30 - 50 months) covers the Prime and Specific areas of learning.

Phonics in Nursery
We learn early reading skills in nursery through a variety of listening activities and the Read Write Inc. phonics programme.


We love singing...

The children love joining in with new and favourite songs and rhymes. It has also helped with our counting.

Below are our most popular songs for you to enjoy at home. The children will most definitely help you to learn them (and the actions too!).

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