Grandparent's Afternoon

18th October 2013

We would like to thank those who came along to our 3rd Grandparents Afternoon event. Once again we had a great turn out.

The Grandparents were welcomed by Miss Green in the school hall and then shown to the appropriate classrooms by Year 5 and 6 pupils where their grandchildren were eagerly waiting.

Teachers had planned many lovely activities for this event in every class.Grandparents in Nursery and Reception took part in an Autumn Walk before creating some Autumn pictures. Year 1 and 2 Grandparents designed a family coat of arms to tie in with their current topic, 'Turrets and Tiaras'. These will be displayed very soon in classrooms or around the school. In Years 3 and 4, work linked in with their 'Animating the Egyptians' topic. Grandparents helped their grandchildren design and make Egyptian outfits ready for their Fabulous Finish in December. Grandparents in Years 5 and 6 got to learn about 'pointilism'. The children's task involved sketching an outline of Sir Winston Churchill and then filling in the spaces using tiny dots of colour. Although these were not completed by the end of the day, they were already beginning to look fantastic and we are excited to see the finished pieces.

Half way through the afternoon, Grandparents were treated to a refreshment break where hot  drinks and biscuits were on offer as well as comfy chairs (we know how to treat our guests!).

There were many positive comments made and it looked as though everyone had an enjoyable time once more. Some Grandparents clearly look forward to this event and may well be in line for an award by the time their grandchildren get to Year 6 for '100% attendance'.

Thank-you for your continued support and particpation. The event has become what it has because of you.