Pupil Voice

We recently completed the pupil survey to gather children's views about school.  These are the things that they really like about our school:
  • You can make new friends really quickly
  • I enjoy all the opportunities to do clubs
  • The fact that there are always more tasks to do when you finish your work
  • Pupils are kind and helpful
  • Teachers don't mind if you get questions wrong as long as you try your best
  • They deal with bullying fast
  • The work set is always challenging
  • I like the fact that I get to work at my level
  • I love that we have star of the week
How do our pupils think we can improve?
  • Build a swimming pool
  • Giving challenged like cake baking in place of homework
  • A gazebo for the summer
  • Bigger playground with more climbing equipment
  • Picnics in the summer
  • More homework