Back to business!

29th September 2014
What a busy few weeks! 

So much has been happening at school since the beginning of the new year that I hardly know where to begin! On their return to school, children were excited to explore all of the changes to the school building that had happened over the Summer. They really are incredibly proud of their school and are trying hard to keep it well organised, tidy and safe. 

As always, attendance has been a key focus of both the staff and pupils. The whole school attendance for last week was 96.5% and I am pleased to report that there were only two classes who fell below that all-important 95% mark. Congratulations to Reception who won the attendance award last week with a brilliant 99.3%! 

This week, children have even started setting their own attendance targets. As you can see from the photographs below, children now talk as a class about their attendance from the previous week and set themselves a target for improvement. It's a tense time when the class magnets are stuck on our new Attendance Monitor board during praise assembly on a Friday! Who will come out on top this week? 

Another new addition to daily life here at Brownhills West are our new praise tokens. Similar to the old team points, children pick up tokens for good behaviour, super learning, good manners and anything else that makes us proud! The children voted for new team names 'Enjoy, Achive and Succeed' and really love being able to hear 'the sound of success'  as they drop their tokens into their team boxes. I wonder who will be awarded the very first POWER TOKEN?