Year 2

Mrs Winfield and Mrs Dale

Welcome to Year 2's page. Here we will keep you updated on what has been going on in Year 2 over the year.  At the bottom of this page you will find documents and links that you may find handy to use with your child. 




Last week 95.2%

This week's target - At least 97.5%




PE lessons will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays

  • Indoor PE lessons Children need their yellow t-shirts, blue shorts and a pair of black pumps for these lessons. 
  • Outdoor PE lessons For these lessons, children need a tracksuit, a pair of trainers and some socks. In the winter it will be a good idea to make sure that children have extra jumpers and maybe even a light waterproof jacket.
  • Please make sure that PE kits are always in school. 
Every week children will receive homework. In accordance with our school's homework policy children should complete:
* Spellings practise (see inside reading diaries for this week's spellings)
* Maths homework
* Literacy homework
* Reading at home at least three times per week with comments made in reading diaries

Literacy and Maths homework will be set on a Friday and should be brought back to school on Tuesday. Those children who return their completed homework on time will receive a house token. Sometimes homework will consolidate children's learning of the week, whereas other times, it will be a 'pre-unit' task to find out what children already know about upcoming topics. Should this be the case, it will be clearly stated on the piece of work. 

A great website for times table and related division practice: 


16.09.16: George is our star of the week for settling so well into life in Year 2. 

23.09.16: Ruby-Mae and Taylor were stars of the week this week for their fabulous paired writing describing Sophie from The BFG. 

07.10.16: Kyra is Star of the Week this week for her fabulous maths work. 

14.10.16: Maggie is our Star of the Week for a great improvement in her effort and behaviour. 

24.10.16: Cameron is our Star of the Week for his great effort across all subjects. 

04.11.16: Aaron is our Star of the Week for his amazing maths work this week and even helping other people. The rest of Year 2 also got a special mention in assembly for being so well behaved this week, despite having to work in different areas of the school. 

18.11.16: Elanwy is this week's star for her super effort in Maths. 

25.11.17: Casey Mai is our star this week for trying so hard in Literacy and RE. 

Writer of the Month: Ryan C has shown lots of improvement in his writing; not only is it a lot neater than it was a few weeks ago, he included lots of persuasive techniques inhis piece of writing to persuade somebody to come to Brownhills West.

Mathematician of the Month: Lucas scored an amazing standardised score of 127 in his maths assessment this term.

Gold Praise (Mrs Dale): Braden has made a lot of progress in his intervention sessions and is trying incredibly hard in lessons too. Keep it up Braeden!

Gold Praise (Mrs Winfield): Maggie has shown great improvement in her attitude to work this term and now gets a lot more done! It’s like having a new little girl in our class! Let’s keep this new Maggie!

06.01.17: Braeden is this week’s Star of the Week for being a Science superstar! To be honest, I could have picked Braeden for any subject this week… He has put in a superb effort and we can see such an improvement in his work. 

13.01.17: Hayden is this week’s Star for his much improved attitude to learning. It is like having a new boy in Year 2! Keep it up Hayden.

20.01.17: Kyra is this week’s Star for her fabulous diary entry as Stick Man!

27.01.17: Star of the week is Harry for a super effort in Maths.

Writer of the Month: Lacey has been working very hard and has made lots of improvement in her writing.

Mathematician of the Month: Caylee has been practising her tables and it is helping her in lots of areas of maths.

03.02.17: This week’s Star is Harrison for his super handwriting! Harrison has been working hard at home and his work looks fab.

10.02.17: Ryan C is this week's Star of the week for such a big improvement in his reading!

17.02.17: Kieran is our Star this week. He has been working super hard to improve his writing and is doing a great job. Keep it up Kieran!

03.03.17: This week's Star is Casey-Mai for a great effort across the curriculum. 

28.04.17: This week's Star is Kieran for showing such great enthusiasm and progress in maths this week!

05.05.17: Kyle is this week's Star of the Week for always being enthusiastic in lessons, for being helpful and for being such a good friend to his classmates. 

Writer of the Month: Ruby Mae has written an amazing retell of Little Red Riding Hood this term. Well done Ruby Mae. 

Mathematician of the Month: Elanwy is our Mathematician of the Month for showing great enthusiasm in Maths lessons and for applying her knowledge to solve problems. 

16.06.17: Kaci is our Star of the Week for always being Brownhills' Best. 

16.06.17: Sports Star of the Week is Taylor for his great effort during the KIIT Body Coach session!

Writer of the Month: Taylor has written a fabulous newspaper report! Future journalist in the making!

Mathematician of the Month: 

Samba Day! Friday 23rd June 2017 
Last Friday we had a man called Andy come in and teach us some Samba drumming. We all had a great time during the taught session. In the afternoon there was a concert for the whole school. Lots of people got to play lots of unusual instruments. We really enjoyed it. Here is what we had to say about it:

“When we played the instruments as a group it sounded not so good, but when Andy taught us how to use them properly it sounded much better.” – Kyra 


"My favourite part was when Mr Briley looked like a big red tomato when he was playing the bagpipes and a digeridoo!" Sofia  
“Our best bit was when we all were asked to the front of the group to play the drums to a tune.” – Ruby-Mae, Caylee and Taylor 
“Claves were very quiet compared to the hand drums.” – George

 “I liked it when I was asked to the front of the group and held up the sea drum.  It sounded like the ocean   ”- Kaci


“I thought the final song at the end,  who built the Ark with the children and instruments was fabulous!” – Mrs Dale


We had great fun on World Book Day! 

I'm Stick Man, that's me!


Children have loved the unit based on Stick Man. They had a go at 'hot-seating' Stick Man, getting lots of ideas together ready for writing and then produced some pieces of work written in the first person as Stick Man. I can see that lots of progress is being made in the children's writing... very pleasing! Well done Year 2. 


In addition to the writing, the children made some fabulous Stick Men of their own. Come and see our display outside of the classroom! 

Stick Man - WB 09.01.17

In Literacy we are currently focussing on recounts (links with our IMPACT Parent workshop focus). We have found out about the key features of a recount and have read lots of different examples. We have also read Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. We really enjoy her books! Our recount work is going to be based on this story. 

'It was fun thinking about what Stick Man would say at each part of the story'  

Watch the film of Stick Man on BBC iPlayer:



'In Topic we have learned all about the four countries of the UK. The four countries are Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.' Harvey

'I researched Scotland and found out that the capital city is Edinburgh.' Sofia

'The country I researched was Northern Ireland and found out that the capital city is Belfast.' Cameron

'The capital city of Wales is Cardiff.' Maggie

'The  capital city of England is London.' Kyle 

'We looked at some landmarks in London. I liked Tower Bridge.' Isabella

'We saw the London Eye too!' Taylor

'London is special because the Queen lives there. I think the people in London get paid lots of money in their jobs.' Harvey

'Ted went to London and we wrote about his trip.' Lacey

'In London there is Big Ben.' Harrison 

'In Scotland there is some delicious, yummy food!' Harvey


IMPACT Parent Writing Workshops – WB 09.01.17


This week, our second round of IMPACT Parent Workshops have taken place. Many thanks to all who attended; we know your children love working with you in school!


What next? Our expectations:

  •          Work on creating the first draft of the recount of Christmas Day.
  •          Use the resources in the folder to up-level and improve the first draft.
  •          Write up the final copy either on the bordered, lined paper or in the blue exercise book.
  •          In the blue exercise book, try to write some more recounts – a daily diary, a recount of a special day or family trip etc.
  •          Join us for the sharing session on Friday 17th February to celebrate children’s work. 
Fencing - 9th December
  • Before today's enrichment lesson none of us had tried fencing before!
  • When fencing, you have to wear a helmet to protect your face and you need a 'foil' which is the special name the sword. 
  • When the referee shouted 'On guard!' you have to step on the mat, then hold up your foil. When the referee shouts 'Fence!' you have to try to touch your opponent with your foil on their chest.
  • To stop your opponent from getting you, you have to toil your foil to block theirs. 
  • You can only move backwards and forwards, a bit like a galloping horse! 
  • We really enjoyed the fencing session and we'd love to do more fencing in the future! 
Dodgeball - 7th November 
Today we had our very first dodgeball lesson with Mr Shakesheave. We learned lots including:
  • how to throw a ball overarm
  • how to throw a ball underarm 
  • how to roll a ball accurately
  • catching accurately 
  • how to find a space 
  • the rules of Dodgeball
Each team must stay on their own side. There are two ways of getting members of the other team out. The first is that you throw or roll the ball at them and it hits them. The second is that they cross the line into your section. 
We had a great time. Before today's lesson only 8 out of 31 of us had played Dodgeball before but by the end of it most of us said that we'd like to take part in Dodgeball club if it started at school.  
We can't wait to do more Dodgeball in our PE lessons. Thank you Mr Shakesheave! 
IMPACT Parents Workshops - WB 13.10.16
This week the parents of all children in school have been invited to join us for a Reading Workshop. It was great to see such a good turn out, with most children having an adult attend and support them. Thank you. We discussed how children learn, ideas for integrating reading into family life, questions to ask your children in order to progress their reading and what a 'working at expectation reader' would look like. See the links and documents below. 
Following this, we stated that we expect to see at least three diary entries in reading diaries detailing reading activities carried out at home. We will hold a followup afternoon on Friday 2nd December at 2pm to discuss the progress that you and your child have made following the workshops. 
Roald Dahl Week 
We had a great first week back at school! We have learned lots about the life of Roald Dahl and have been focusing on The BFG. We've read the book, watched the film and done lots of fun art and Literacy activites. We made some beautiful dream catchers (because it's the BFG's job to catch dreams), designed some wish jars, and made a collage of the BFG to decorate our classroom door.
We loved dressing up for what would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday - we all made a lot of effort and loved showing off our outfits in the parade assembly! 
Have a look below at the photographs of our BFG display as well as our Dahlicious outfits...