Year 4

 Mr Briley, Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Lewis

For your information: 

PE kits - please ensure children have both kits in school each day

  • Indoor PE lessons - Children need their yellow t-shirts, blue shorts and a pair of black pumps for these lessons. 
  • Outdoor PE lessons - Children need a tracksuit and a pair of trainers. In the winter it will be a good idea to make sure that children have extra jumpers and maybe even a light waterproof jacket. 


Brass music tuition will take place on a Friday morning so please ensure instruments are brought in and please practice at home, Mr Briley and Mrs Whittaker will also be taking theirs home to practice too :-) 

Thank you.  


Monday 7th November - Dodgeball day
Today we had the most fantastic morning playing dodgeball. Adam from Progressive Sports came in and taught us about: movements, throwing, catching and game situations. Before the event, only 9/24 of us had played Dodgeball before, now 24/24 have played and LOVE IT!
Ryan - "Today I played Dodgeball for the very first time, I even managed to dodge the ball when I had fallen over"
Lewis - "Dodgeball was really fun because you have to do a lot of movement and I like being active"
Ben - "It was so much fun, I can't wait until Dodgeball club starts"
Amber - "It was so fun because you get to chuck balls at each other"
Daisie - "I've had so much fun, Dodgeball is now one of my favourite things to do, I hope I get to play it again soon" 
Kiah - "I had a great time, someone tried to get me but I twirled and dodged the ball"
Music lessons have started!
So far in Music we have been learning all about: pitch, rhythm and timing. We have also has the opportunity to try using a trumpet, trombone and baritone. Over the next few weeks Mr Bennett will be deciding which instruments we will be using and then we will get to take them home. WE CAN'T WAIT!
Back to school! Roald Dahl week... 
Since coming back to school Year 4 have been studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have completed lots of art and literacy activities and have created an amazing door display! We got very competitive (as usual!). Take a look at the photos below to see our work and our Roald Dahl day fancy dress costumes. 
Friday 9th December - Fencing Day 
Today we had a fabulous morning learning all about Fencing. Alex from Progressive Sports came in and taught us about movement and point scoring and then we played against each other and had a mini- tournament.
This is what we thought:
Ryan - "It was fantastic"
Daisie - "I learned how to Fence, I've never done it before so this was my first time and I thought it was really cool"
Lewis - "I had a spectacular time learning how to Fence"
Daniel - "I had loads of fun, it was great playing against my friends"
Junior - "I learned that Fencing is really fun"
Joao - "Today was a brilliant day and I really enjoyed fencing" 
Musa - "Today was a great day, it was my first time doing fencing and I really enjoyed it"
We can't wait until Fencing club starts and we're looking forward to starting a Fencing team