Year 5

Mrs Baird and Miss Slatcher teach the Year 5 Class
Important Information
  • Indoor PE will be on a Tuesday. Children need their yellow t-shirts, blue shorts and a pair of black pumps for these lessons. Outdoor P.E is timetabled for Fridays.
  • Homework - Homework will be set weekly every Friday in Year 5. Homework will include Maths and Literacy tasks and there will sometimes be work relating to our topic. There is an expectation that this will be retuned by Wednesday.
Fantastic First Fortnight
The children have settled into the Year 5 routines well and we have enjoyed meeting 20 polite, well behaved and hardworking children.
    They  have skyped and written to our new pen pals in Bath. 
They have also enjoyed reading Matilda and have produced amazing writing about being locked in 'The Chokey.'
The children enjoyed decorating our classroom door for the school Roald Dahl competition and we are very proud of our entry (see news section).  We would also like to congratulate Year 4 on their victory. Their door is amazing! 
Star Pupils Of The Week
Well done to Noel who is our first 'Star of the Week' for producing a very high standard of work in all his subjects.
16th September 2016
Congratulations to Alex who this week was awarded 'Star of the Week' for being a Maths whizz kid!
23 rd September 2016
Megan showed off her brilliant writing as she became our latest star of the week - 30th September 2016
Beth has shone this week - well done! Always producing a high standard of work - 14th October 2016
Taylor follows the trend of producing superb writing - 21st October 2016
Tom was awarded Star of the Week for contributing to the ethos of the class - 11th November 2016
Well done to this week's star pupil - Delyth who consistently produces a high standard of work ;). - 18th November 2016
Laura was the first Star Pupil of the week for the new year! She is a very determined little girl! -2nd December 2016
GOLDEN PUPIL OF THE TERM!! Jaq - 15th December 2016
Ceylon for producing a high standard of work ;) - 13th January 2017
Congratulations to Lily T who was awarded Star Pupil of the Week for her kindness x - 20th January 2017
Well done to Laura for a fantastic week of Maths - 27th January 2017
For showing maturity in his work, Ben!  3rd February 2017
This week's star pupil is Chloe for outstanding contribution to class discussions - 10th February 2017
September 2016
A great start to the year for J who was awarded a sports award in assembly today for gaining the highest fitness level (9.8) in the bleep test. I wonder whether anyone can beat this when we take the bleep test again in November?
November 2016
A netball superstar was observed this week in the form of our very quick centre - Noel!
February 2017
For hitting the target in archery, Ben was amazing!  Congratulations!
Going for Gold - wall of fame!
Super Silver - wall of fame!
Noel, Jaq, Alex, Lucy, Jerod, Alex (again!), Noel and Alex!




Last week - 95.2% 

This week's target - 97%




November 2016
Our London Trip By Lucy Smith
We had an incredible day in London on Wednesday 9th November. On arrival, we enjoyed a boat trip along the Thames. The guide told us all the history of the bridges and the buildings. I found out that Big Ben was just the bell inside the clock tower and that the clock and tower was actually called The Elizabethan Tower. I also liked seeing Traitor's Gate which was part of The Tower of London. We saw other London landmarks such as The Gherkin, The Shard and all the posh theaters. When we went under Tower Bridge the guide told us that if we waved up to people on the bridge and they waved back we would get good luck. I couldn't believe it when a workman waved back at ME! As the weather was windy we could feel the boat going up and down. It was really, really, really good fun!
Next we walked very quickly like a line of cheetahs to the London Eye. I could not stop looking at how tall it was- it nearly touched the clouds! There was so many bubbles with lots of people in them! I was a tiny bit apprehensive-but when I climbed on, my nerves went and I loved it (so much). From my bubble I could see how wide the river Thames was and I spotted Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and many beautiful views.
Then it was time for the amazing 4D cinema! We saw lots of different parts of London and we got covered in lots of different things. Mr Silk came out covered in white London Christmas snow; it was hilarious.
We walked very quickly over the bridge to the Houses of Parliament., This was my favourite part of the day as it made me feel so special. However, there were lots of police men with enormous guns! So I thought I would not want to mess with those guys! Learning about the history of Parliament was very interesting. Firstly we went into the House of Commons, which was all green, but because there was not a debate going on we got to go in. I stood in Teresa Mays' seat and the gold box which sits in front of her!
Next, we strolled of to the House of Lords and sat in the gallery and watched a debate happening. It was about policing at night time.
As the day got dark we ate and then travelled back on the coach, stopping at Oxford.
Harvest Festival Report
by Megan and Bethany
After practising for a number of days, it was time for Year 5 and Rev.Dave to lead our harvest celebrations.
We were prancing in excitement; and nervously waiting until the assembly started.We were confident but at the same time nervous! We started off with our poem which was called Harvest Time. My group(Bethany) was a little bit quiet and shaky but our teachers said we were amazing! Then Megan, Beth, Chloe, Oscar and Lily said a prayer it went pretty good. Last was our dance which was incredible. 
We LOVED making gingerbread men for Macmillan!
The children were very excited this week as we invited in our parents, grandparent and older brothers and sisters to read with us! 11th October.
Thank you to all of the parents who made our celebration of reading so successful!
December 2016
 A huge thank you to Brownhills Nursing Home for making us feel so incredibly welcome when year 5 visited today.  The Year 5 choir enjoyed performing many carols and loved chatting to all the residents and staff. Merry Christmas to you all.
Decorate a cone competition - Saxon Hill.
Thank you to Delyth and Huw for performing alongside our Christmas carols. You sounded beautiful.
January 2017
Congratulations to Ceylon,Chloe, Olivia,Daisy,Willow and Pemalline who lead the assembly today! We all enjoyed your dance, power point and poem - especially Miss Fisher she's getting married!
We are taking part in the BBC's Terrific Scientific
February 2017
World Book Day