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Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a reward system we use in school where each child has their own monster avatar that earns ‘Dojo Points’ for positive behaviours. Children then redeem their Dojo Points for House Team Tokens (Enjoy, Achieve or Succeed). Once you have downloaded the app, you will have the option to join our school and connected with you child/ren’s class. You will receive a notification every time your child earns a Dojo Point. From time to time, the class teacher will post a little bit of information about what the class has been up to during the week, which appears as a ‘story’ on the Apps homepage.


Another feature of Class Dojo is the ability for parents/carers to message teachers. When using this feature, we would like to clarify:

Dos and Don'ts



  • Do message your child’s teacher if you want to share something positive from home or congratulate your child on something they have done in school

  • Do message your child’s teacher if you have a small query, for example, ‘My child may have left their jumper in school, would you mind checking?’


Do not:

  • Please do not message your child’s teacher to notify them of absences or illnesses – this should be done via the school office as normal

  • Please do not use Class Dojo to message about any urgent or serious issues; please use the school office and normal school procedures for this (passing a message to a member of staff on the gate, or arranging an appointment to speak with an appropriate member of staff).

  • Please do not message (or expect a reply) outside of 8.30am and 4.30pm.

Signing up is EASY...

We hope you find this a convenient and exciting way of being made aware of how your child is getting on in school.