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June 1st re-opening


Dear parents/carers,

Having collated the results of the parent survey and carried out numerous risk assessments, we can now confirm that Brownhills West Primary School will be able to reopen to the children in Reception and Year 1 from June 1st if it is safe to do so. Due to health and safety reasons, nursery children will not return until further notice, and unfortunately, Year 6 will not be able to return in the first instance, due to shortage of staff and classrooms. In line with government guidelines, we have had to prioritise keyworkers, vulnerable, Reception and Year 1 children-see government guidance below:

‘If necessary, settings have the flexibility to focus first on continuing to provide places for priority groups and then, to support children’s early learning, settings should prioritise groups of children as follows: primary schools - nursery, reception and year 1’

We really hope that as the national health picture improves, we may be able to welcome Year 6 back before the summer holidays! In the meantime, we are working closely with high schools to arrange some kind of transition package.

However, if you are a keyworker of a Year 6 child and you wish your child to return from June 1st, please contact school to book a place on


Senior Staff have considered all guidance in order to ensure we make it the safest possible return for your child/ren. Ahead of their potential return, it is essential to keep you up-to-date with all of our plans, to reassure you that we are doing everything we can.

Should we return on June 1st, which will only be confirmed by government on Thursday 28th May, pupils will return to school based upon a staggered approach in order to ensure social distancing, and to reduce the number of parents and carers on site at any one time. We understand that this may cause some difficulties, but it is vital that the safety of all pupils, families and staff is our priority.

  • Year 1 will start school at 8:45am and will finish at 3pm
  • Keyworkers and vulnerable children will start school at 9am and finish at 3.30pm
  • Reception children will start school at 9:15am and finish at 3:15pm

If you have children in more than one year group, you will need to collect your children at the earlier time.


Against government recommendations, all staff will wear a disposable apron and a washable face mask at all times; they will also wear gloves and a visor when carrying out first aid and intimate care. Staff will disinfect tables, door handles and toilet flushes at playtimes and lunchtimes. In line with government recommendations, all soft furnishings, soft toys and difficult to clean toys will be removed from the classrooms and toys/equipment used in Reception will be disinfected after each use. Staff will be asked to leave as soon as the children have left, to allow the cleaners to thoroughly clean all areas used by pupils and staff.


Groups (not classes)

To allow for social distancing, the children will be taught in groups of 8 or 9 children as follows:

  • Reception will be taught by Mrs Jones, Mrs Mason, Mrs Harris and Mrs Dale
  • Year 1 will be taught by Mrs Clarke and Miss Gates
  • Keyworkers and vulnerable children will be taught by Miss Painter, Miss Moore, Mr Holland and Miss Birch


We have been informed that our group structure needs to remain as static as possible to avoid cross contamination, therefore children will stay in their group for all lessons.


Start of the Day

  • Year 1 will start school at 8:45am
  • Keyworkers and vulnerable children will start school at 9am
  • Reception children will start school at 9:15am

Families will enter the school site via the pedestrian gate where a member of staff will let 1 family in at a time to allow social distancing. Staff will direct children to their respective classrooms and sanitise their hands on entry.

Children will enter school via the usual Early Years gate, but at staggered times to allow social distancing.

Parents/carers will then leave the school site via the carpark, where a member of staff will let families out of the carpark gate. This will create a 1- way system which will limit the number of adults on site at any one time.

If you have children in more than 1 group, please bring them at the latest time to avoid you being on site too long. Thank you.






Lesson times

  • Reception children will be based in the Reception classroom
  • Y1 children will be based in the Y1 classroom
  • Y2/3/4 keyworkers’ and vulnerable children will be based in the Y3 classroom
  • Y5/6 keyworkers’ and vulnerable children will be based in the Y4 classroom


In each classroom, each child will have an individual desk - 2m away from the other desks - with their individual stationery, pack of tissues, sanitary bags for used tissues and other learning resources such as Ipad etc…


In the Y1/3/4 classrooms, movements of children will be limited to only trips to the toilets which will be supervised by an adult in order to avoid children from different groups gathering and to ensure all children wash their hands correctly. Reception children will use Nursery toilets, Y1 will use KS1 toilets and Y3/4/5/6 will use the junior toilets in order to avoid cross-contamination.


In Reception, children will access indoor and outdoor learning activities with 1 adult teaching 3 children at any one time. They will also have access to the toilets, supervised by an adult.


In line with government recommendations, all groups will access their learning outdoors as much as possible or at least with classroom windows opened.



Playtimes will take place in 3 different places: Reception will use Early Years playground, Y1 will use the side playground and Y3/4/5/6 keyworkers’ & vulnerable children will use the top playground. Social distancing will be encouraged throughout playtime, the play equipment will be thoroughly cleaned after each playtime.

Due to the risk of handling money, queuing and the amount of potential hand to hand contact means we are unable to sell snacks each breaktime.


We are unsure if the government’s Free Fruit For Schools’ programme for children in Reception and Year 1 will continue. Children are welcome to bring a snack into school from home to eat when outside at breaktimes (please be aware wrappers, containers, etc. must be thrown in the bin after the food has been consumed).



At lunchtime, children will eat either a school lunch or their packed lunch at their individual desk in their group. The food will be brought to them in order to reduce movements around school. This will continue to be free for children in Reception and Year 1 as per Universal Free School Meals. Families of children in Y3/4/5 & 6, will pay for their dinner as usual unless they are free school meals. We will be unable to give change so please either bring £2 each day or £10 for the week. If your child brings in a packed lunch from home, please note, no contents of a packed lunch will be returning home, in order for us to lower the risk of cross-contamination; therefore, please make sure all items are disposable.

The playground arrangements will be the same as for morning and afternoon playtimes. We will let children use play equipment, which will then be disinfected at the end of each lunchtime. Social distancing will be encouraged throughout lunchtime.


End of the Day

As with the staggered approach in the morning, end of day timings will also be staggered. Your child/ren will need to be collected promptly at the following times:

  • Year 1 at 3pm
  • Reception at 3:15pm
  • Keyworkers and vulnerable children at 3:30pm

We ask that you still adhere to the one-way system of movement on site to help keep everyone safe. All children will be collected from the Early Years side gate at staggered times, 15 minutes apart in order to avoid gatherings; siblings will need to leave at the earlier time. Parents are asked to queue, keeping a 2-metre gap, on the tarmac at the front of the school. Only one person from each household is allowed to come onto the school site to drop off or collect their child. We also ask that you keep your time on site to a minimum, to ensure the number of people on site is as low as possible. In order for drop-off and collection times to run as smoothly as possible, and to allow all year groups to adhere to their allocated times, we will be asking you to respect social distancing and avoid face to face conversation or gathering on school premises and at the school gate. Please do not be offended if we encourage you to move along as this is the only way we can ensure the safety of our school community.



In order to ensure high levels of hygiene, children will only be permitted to bring:

  • A coat or jacket, which will be kept on the back of their chair
  • A water bottle with a lid which will remain on their own table throughout the day
  • Their lunch from home in a lunchbox which will need thorough cleaning every night or a disposable bag which will be thrown at school.
  • As government guidance states that the clothing worn in to school must be machine washed each day, all children will be required to wear non-uniform everyday clothes. Please note, until further notice, in order to reduce the risk of contamination between locations, the children are asked to wear footwear that is suitable for indoors and outdoor sporting activities. PE kit is not allowed in school, so when children participate in a PE lesson, they will be wearing their everyday clothes and the footwear will not be changed (trainers are ideal).
  • No school bags or pencil cases will be allowed in school. We will be providing your child with all the equipment they will need. These will be individually kept in a tray on each child’s desk and not shared between pupils. This equipment will also remain at school.



  • As face to face conversations are not recommended, we would ask that you phone or email the office if you have any messages or queries.
  • If you really have to speak to a member of office staff face to face, then only 1 person will be allowed at any one time in the school foyer.
  • If your contact details or the details of your child/ren’s welfare, health and wellbeing have changed, please notify the office straight away.
  • Public health England also recommend that the children have a shower every morning before coming to school.


We know that the first thing children will see when they walk through the gate on June 1st is staff wearing a mask. As the last thing we want is to scare children, we will create a video over half-term to prepare them; they will see the staff putting their mask on, what their room will look like and what to expect on that day. We will text you when it is ready.


We recognise that this a particularly worrying time and we hope that the decisions we have made and safety measures put in place will alleviate some of your concerns. Rest assured that the safety of children, parents, staff and the school community remain our highest priority.


The above plans for Reception and Year 1 children are now set for the first two weeks of June up to 12th June. Week commencing 15th June, we will inform you of how effective our safety measures will have been. You will then be able to reconsider your position if you originally said no should you wish your child to restart school on Monday 22nd June.

This will not apply to keyworkers, who will still be able to book via on a weekly basis.


Kindest regards and stay safe


Mrs Cotton and Mrs Twist (chair of governors)