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Years 3 to 6 Spare Trainers

20 January 2022


Dear Parents/Carers


Spare Trainers for Playtime


We are very lucky to have a large field that the children can use during play times.  We would like to try and allow the children onto the field as much as possible to let off steam and make use of the open space. At current, the children who are playing on the field, particularly when playing football, are getting extremely muddy.


To avoid bringing lots of mud back into the classrooms (as well as reducing the need for you to clean your child’s shoes regularly) we are asking that children have a spare pair of trainers to keep in their lockers and change into at play times.


From Monday 24th January, staff on duty will only allow children who have changed into a different pair of trainers to play on the field whilst the weather is making it extra muddy.


Yours sincerely


 Mrs Stephanie Cotton