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Welcome to Nursery's page.  Here we will keep you updated with all of our amazing learning through the year.  You will find photographs, documents and links that you may find useful to support your child's learning at home.



Each week we will send a new Nursery Rhyme home with your child.  We ask that you share this with them frequently throughout the week in a variety of ways (sing it, clap it, dance it, draw it, act it out etc.) For further ideas please see the notes at the front of your child's book.


For the school holidays we will send a 'mini adventure' home also (one per week) .  These are fun activities which are free to do and offer many learning experiences for your child.


Breakfast and Tuck

We offer fruit at our 'snack bar' first thing in the morning as your child arrives at school. This is free and your child can help themselves if they would like a piece of fruit.


Then at 10.30 am we serve toast and milk.  Milk is free of charge. Toast is available to order each day at a cost of 20p.  Toast can not be ordered if your child has no money with them. If your child does not wish to have milk they can choose water instead. 



In Nursery we teach children to become independent and responsible for their own belongings.  In order to support us with this we ask that each item of their school uniform is clearly named together with their bag and bottle.  This will help to avoid any mix up with items. 


Drink Bottle and Bag 

Please provide your child with a drink bottle (ideally named) daily.  We are a healthy school and ask that these are filled with water. Your child will have access to this at any time during the morning and will be encouraged to stay hydrated  Please provide your child with a bag, to be brought into school daily, the ideal style is one that can be worn on their back (ruck sack style) and leaves their hands free. Inside their bag can you please provide a change of clothes (we love our messy/wet play!!) and, if appropriate, nappies, wipes and nappy sacks.


Forest School

Each Tuesday we go up to our Outdoor Learning area.  Please send your child to school in suitable clothes for the weather on that day (raincoat, wellies, joggers, t-shirt etc.).  If it is a sunny day please ensure you apply sun cream before school and send a sun hat.  We take our snacks and drinks with us as we are there all morning, so please ensure your child has their drink bottle with them.  Remember, whilst your child is exploring every activity at Forest School they will have lots of fun and will learn lots of skills and knowledge, but they may get muddy and wet too - it's all part of the fun!


PE Day  

Our PE session in the hall takes place on a Thursday.  Please send your child into school dressed in their kit:- shorts/t-shirt and pumps/trainers.  If the weather is too cold they may wear jogging bottoms and sweatshirt also.



If you would like to speak with a member of staff regarding your child, for any reason, please do not hesitate to speak with us at the end of the session any day. You can also telephone the school office or speak to Mrs Cotton/Mr McNamee on the school gate at the beginning of the day.




Summer Term 2

For the first 3 weeks we will be enjoying 'Traditional Stories' from Goldilocks to The Elves and the Shoemaker and all those well-loved tales inbetween!  We will then begin to prepare ourselves for Summer (hopefully the weather will be kind) and explore other countries, how we can go on holidays to different places, what to pack for holidays and finally - we will have a fun week being pirates - Arrrr...

Summer Term 1 - Begins Tuesday 26th April

This half term we will be learning about minibeasts through our topic 'Creep, Crawl and Wriggle'.  We will finish off the term with a celebration week for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.


Our first two weeks at Forest School...

Friday 8th April

This week we have been busy learning about Easter!  We have had lots of fun preparing for this festival - especially  taking part in an Easter Egg hunt and Egg Rolling Competition!


Our trip to Rodbaston Animal Zone on Wednesday was a hugh success.  The children were so excited and were so well behaved - they were a real credit to our school.  During the trip we had the opportunity to handle a snake and a bearded dragon, we fed the goats and watched the pigs and ring-tailed limas being fed their lunch.  There were so many different animals to see - try asking your child which animals they can remember. We hope you enjoy looking at just some of the photos below...


We hope you have a very good Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 26th April for our Summer term 1.


Please remember that our first day back will be our first time going up to Forest School, so please refer to your letter for suitable clothing for this.


Happy Easter from

Mrs Teale and Walker

Friday 18th March This week has been British Science Week and we have had fun learning about animals and their babies.  


We have also been working on reading and writing our numbers and recording number games inside and outside - take a look at the photos below for just a few of the activities we have tried out.


Our sounds in phonics this week have been - n, p and g - see below for links to support your child.


A special thanks to all the grown-ups who have attended our Discovery Hubs since they re-opened two weeks ago - if you are able to join us we start at 11.15 on a Friday.


It was also lovely to be able to hold our 'parent's evening' face to face this week, and we hope you have enjoyed seeing your children's journals.  We look forward to seeing the remainder of the parents this Thursday.

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

Friday 4th March  

Welcome back to the second half of our Spring term.  On Monday we started our new topic about growing - 'Ready Steady Grow!'.  This week we have been learning about how plants grow and we have really enjoyed our story - Jack and the Beanstalk.  We worked together to a giant beanstalk and made all the characters to put on it, we used the story sack props to act out the story and we have been using different building resources to make tall beanstalks.


In maths we have been categorising and sorting objects - according to size, shape and colour.


Our older children have begun to learn how to read and write sounds in their new phonics groups. (Please see the clips below).  We have also continued to play 'Fred Talk' games.


It was fabulous to see all the wonderful costumes on World Book Day - we had great fun with lots of our favourite stories.  Thank you for your support.


Next week we will be continuing with our topic of growing, and will be learning about keeping ourselves healthy by eating a rainbow!







Friday 11th February 

This week we tried out the trim trail for the first time.  We were all so brave and loved all the climbing, crawling, swinging and jumping - take a look at the photo's...

We have also been enjoying creating a joint class project - a Giant Squid.  We are so proud of it, what do you think, can you see how we made it?



Week Beginning Monday 31st January

This week and next week we will be learning about Wild Animals.  We will learn new names, where they live, how they move and how they are different from animals we keep as pets (or not in some cases).


We will share animal rhymes through books and poems - 'There's a Rumble in the Jungle'.  We will be enjoying different crafty skills and techniques to make some wild animals.  


In phonics we are getting very clever at 'reading' our pictures and joining in with the Fred games (see below for some new games to try out at home).


In Maths we have been learning about number 5 (N2 children) and number 1 and 2 (N1 children).  We will also be learning about more and fewer and comparing quantities.


Look out for Chinese New Year celebrtions .....coming soon

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker



Monday 24th January

For the last two weeks we have been learning about the similarities and differences between life long ago and today.  We have been exploring old toys (that maybe our grandparents used to play with) and then we had lots of fun exploring dinosaurs for our topic 'Long Ago'.


We learnt that dinosaurs are now extinct and the children came up with their own ideas about what happened to them - try asking your child to find out!


We hope you enjoy the photos of your children taking part in 'busy jobs' - see below.


Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

Week commencing Monday 10th January


Home learning for this week will be sent out to all families.  The theme is 'Winter' and specifically animals which live in cold climates.


Please share our book (in class this happens every day so your child becomes very familiar with the characters and themes) - Say hello to the Snowy Animals which can be viewed on You Tube - (via this link).  Take time to talk about each animal using the ideas of the storyteller.


In your pack you will find a craft activity, a pencil control activity and a jigsaw to cut out and complete all centered around the theme for learning.  You will also find our weekly Nursery Rhyme and a mini adventure for you and your child to share.


Finally, I have attached a 'Fred game' for you to play with your child.  Fred is our phonics frog who can only speek in sounds.  These games are a fun way for your child to begin their phonics journey as it helps to prepare them for sound work.


We hope you have a good week and will keep our fingers crossed for a normal 'back to school' week next week.

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

January 2022

Welcome back, and a very Happy New Year to you all.  We wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2022!


It was lovely to see the children coming back into school this week, refreshed from their break and full of stories to tell about their Christmas holidays.  We especially welcome our 'new to nursery' children who are settling in so quickly.  For our new starters - you will find we are sending home new books and letters during the first few days, so that you and your child have all the information you might need to help them settle quickly and smoothly into our routines.  


For the first two weeks of this term we will be learning about 'Winter' and will be sharing the books - 'Jack Frost' and 'Say Hello to the Snowy Animals'.  We will be exploring:- winter clothes, winter activities, winter weather, winter animals (including those who hibernate) and learning about ice and snow (freezing and melting).


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to run our Discovery Hub sessions, but hope that these can return soon - we will let you know as soon as this can happy.  Until then, please continue to support your child's development by sharing stories and rhymes, having frequent conversations and posing questions and sharing their 'Wow moments' with us.


Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker



Friday 17th December

What a lovely week we've had getting ourselves ready for Christmas!  On Thursday we had our party, with Reception class, and a very special visitor came to see us!  (look out for photos on the newsletter).


You should have received a link to view the Nativity songs which Nursery and Reception have produced - please enjoy  watching this.


We hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year and we look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Wednesday 5th January at 8.45

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker





Friday 3rd December

What a busy week - we loved being outside in the snow at the beginning of the week (see photos below).  We have started getting ready for Christmas, and the snow has helped us get into the spirit of things.  In maths we have had fun singing Christmas counting songs.  


Our book this week has been 'Little Red Riding Hood' and we have loved dressing up and acting the part of the different characters from the story.


Next week we will begin recording our Christmas Nativity Songs, so please make sure your child has their Christmas jumper/top in school (if appropriate).  Many thanks.


Friday 10th is Christmas dinner - Nursery children will be eating this in their classroom and will be finishing at the normal time of 11.45.




Friday 26th November

Continuing with our topic 'Build it up' we have enjoyed the story 'The three Billy Goats Gruff' and have had great fun building bridges for our goats to cross over.  We have used sponges to print bricks for our bridge display, coloured and drawn goats and trolls and have loved creating the story settings to act out the story choosing objects from around our room.


We have started to learn our songs for our Christmas nativity singalong, so please look out for any words which are sent home for your child to learn.


Please make sure you have returned your slip and money to the school office ready for our first Christmas dinner on 10th December!  Your child will need collecting at the normal time of 11.45. 


Friday 19th November:

Last week we celebrated 'Diwali'.  We learnt all about how Hindu's prepare for their Festival of Lights by cleaning and decorating their houses, cooking yummy food, buying or making new clothes, decorating their hands and feet with Mendhi patterns, give presents and have fireworks.  We loved making Rangoli patterns using petals and having our hands painted.


This week we started our new topic - 'Build it up' and we have been looking at lots of different houses.  We decided the igloo was too cold, the flats were too high and the house was just right!  Our story this week has been 'The three little pigs' and we have been joining in with the repeated phrases and thinking about the sequence of the story - using pictures we have been able to say what happened at the beginning, then what happened next and finally what happened at the end.  


In maths we have been learning about size - big, small, bigger, smaller, biggest and smallest.  We used objects and pictures to order 3 and 4 different sizes.


Friday 5th November

Welcome back to Autumn Term 2, we hope you had a great half term break?


The children have settled back into Nursery life very quickly and have enjoyed learning about bonfire night and how to stay safe.  We have created lots of firework pictures and crafts, have learnt firework dances and rhymes and have also learnt lots of new words to describe the sounds fireworks make.


In maths we have begun to learn about number 4 and have been identifying more and fewer (less) for quantities.  


We are sorry not to be seeing you at Discovery Hub this week, but look forward to sharing our learning with you next week on either Thursday or Friday.


Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

Friday 22nd October 2021 This week has been a spooktacular week!!!! We have been preparing for Halloween.  We have learnt a skeleton dance, creataed our own pumpkin faces, finding and counting bats and spiders in spooky gloop.  We had great fun building haunted houses for our story characters.  Our story this week has been 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson and we have loved joining in with props and saying the rhymes.  


We hope you have a great half term break and we look forward to seeing the children on Monday 1st November.  As the weather is getting colder, please ensure you child has warm coats, hat, scarf and mittens as we love to play outside in all weathers!  Perhaps you could help them practice putting these on and taking them off.  


We have sent home a 'mini adventure' for you the enjoy sharing over the holidays - please return these on the first Monday back at school.

Take Care

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

Friday 15th October  This week we have enjoyed learning about Autumn.  Our book 'Squirrels Busy Day' was about a squirrel who was too busy to play with his friends because he was getting ready for Winter by collecting lots of acorns.  We had fun joining in with the story, using props and acting it out, using different voices.


We got creative with leaves - painting them and making leaf rubbings, we have been threading and using tweezers to pick up tiny buttons and much more.  


In maths we have been learning about repeating pattern.   


We started our 'dough disco' this week, which will help us build up our strength in our hands ready for pencil work.


Many thanks to all the grown ups who supported our Discovery Hub - and thank you for your support with the Book Fair - look out for how your help has benefited our school.

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker


Friday 8th October  This week we have been celebrating Space week throughout school.  In Nursery we have enjoyed listening to two books - Whatever Next and Aliens Love Underpants and then have enjoyed exploring lots of activities linked to these, take a look at the photos below to see our fun.  

Next week we will be exploring Autumn and visiting the book fair in school. Please be sure to look out for our wish lists that we will bring home.

Many thanks to the parents who attended our phonics workshops - if you need any further support or have any questions we are always happy to assist.

Can you help us please - we have no spare socks in school (for children who have accidents) - if you have any aged 2-5 that you are happy to donate, please drop these into the office or pass them to a member of the team.

Many thanks.

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

Friday 1st October  Our book of the week this week has been 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson.  We have loved joining in with the repeated phrases and guessing which animal is on the next page.  We even used different voices to show feelings.  We have explored lots of different media to create monkeys, snakes and a butterful from the story.  


In PE this week we used a yoga story - 'We're going on a bear hunt' which made us use our bodies in lots of different poses - take a look at the photos!


In Maths we have been learning about Number 3 and exploring 'tall' and 'short'.


Many thanks to all the adults who attended our phonics workshop on Thursday, we do hope you found it useful in helping to support your child.  I have attached the 'how to say the sounds' clip below for your information.  If you are joining us for the next meeting - this is taking place on Wednesday 6th October at 4.45.


Mrs  Teale and Mrs Walker


Friday 24th September

This week has been another busy one.  Firstly, it was lovely to see so many family members join us at our first Discovery Hub today, I know that children loved sharing their learning with you.


On Wednesday we had a visitor in class - many thanks to Matilda's mummy for coming in to talk to us about her baby (who will join us very soon now!).  We have been learning about where babies come from and how to look after them in our book "There's a house inside my mummy".


In Maths we have been practicing our touch counting and are getting very clever at it!


We have also enjoyed:- yoga, painting, cutting and sticking and making up our own stories using the dolls house.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at 11.15 for the phonics workshop and Friday at 11.15 for Discovery Hub.  Have a great week.


Mrs  Teale and Mrs Walker

Friday17th September This week we started exploring our new topic 'Let's explore' and we began by looking at ourselves.  We used a mirror to look at our faces in detail and learnt new vocabulary to describe our unique features.  We then used our knowledge to collage a mini me! In maths we have been exploring cubes and we loved using the interlocking squares to take apart and rebuild cubes.  We learnt that we need 6 squares to make one cube.  We have taken part in daily 'Squiggle' sessions and have not only used our 'flappers' but have also used crayons to make the different marks!  In PE we played some fun listening games and explored different ways of moving, using lots of different body parts.  Our book of the week has been "We're going on a bear hunt" - Mrs Teale was so proud of how quickly we were able to join in with the rhymes and how great we were at remembering what happened next! - Just ask us..


Next week we are learning all about babies ..... look out for all our fun and don't forget to join us on Friday at 11.15 for 'Discovery hub' where you can find out more about our fantastic learning.


Have a good week

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Friday 10th September - Our First week in Nursery!

We have had a fabulous week exploring lots of activities inside and outside (especially in the sunny weather!).  We have been learning new routines, taken part in PE in the hall and have been making new friends.  Take a look at what we have been up to.....


Friday 9th July

For the last two weeks we have been using our new topic "How many pebbles on the beach" to explore all about the seaside.  We have loved our new books 'What the ladybird heard at the seaside' - another amazing book by Julia Donaldson and 'Commotion in the Ocean' - a funny book full of poems about sea creatures.


We have continued to work hard at phonics, and some of us are getting super clever with beginning to read some small words!  We have also been practising how to write many different sounds too.


In maths we have been learning  about number 5 and have been using marks to record data linked to the games we play - see the photo's of our bean bag game outside.



Alongside all this fun, we have been creating mixed media jellyfish, mermaid designs, dancing with ribbons and much more!  


We also enjoyed staying for lunch at the beginning of this week and can't wait until we go up to Reception and stay every day!


Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

Friday 18th June

We have continued with our theme 'Splash' this week, reading the story 'The Journey' where a sailing boat makes a long journey down a stream, river, wate, through polluted water and finally out to sea.  It has so many adventures along the way and we have had lots of fun finding props to act out the story.  We build a huge waterfall outside and watched the boats tumble down, just like in the story.  We turned water brown by polluting it, again just like in the story.


In maths we have been talking about 'journey's', using lots of mathematical language to give instructions to our friends to take a particular route.  We also used this vocabulary to act out journeys in small world.


In PE we have started our dance topic and today we explored dancing with a ribbon!


Take a look at the photos below...



Friday 11th June

Welcome back to the last half term - Summer 2!  This term we will be learning all about water through our topic 'Splash'.  After this we will move onto our final topic 'How many pebbles on the beach' which will help to get us in the summer holiday mood.


This week we have really loved our book 'Five minutes peace', where Mrs Large (an elephant) just wants some peace and quiet from the children so she tries to take a bath on her own.  We have enjoyed bathing elephants, retelling the story with props, learning about healthy routines which make us very independent:- cleaning teeth, bathing and washing ourselves and how to keep our bodies healthy.  


We came back after the holidays to find our caterpillar cocoons had become butterfly's, so we found the perfect spot to let them go and watched them learn how to fly away!


In maths we have revised our number reading, speedy finger numbers  and have been answering some real problems using our number knowledge.


We have loved the hot and sunny weather - especially our wet fun day on Friday - take a look at the photos!

Friday 28th May 

This week we have been learning about mini beasts and have enjoyed our book 'The very hungry caterpillar'.  We learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly and loved watching our caterpillars change into a coocoon (we hope to see the butterfly's emerge after the holidays).  We went on a mini beast hunt with our magnifying glasses in the garden and found lots of different bugs and insects.  In maths we explored shapes to see if they 'tesselate' and used paint to make 'symmetrical' butterfly patterns.  On Friday we had a fabulous time at our school's sports day.


We hope you have a very enjoyable half term break and are able to get out and about in the sunshine (at last!).  We look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday 7th June to hear all about your holiday fun!

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker.

Friday 21st May

This week we have been learning about how plants grow.  We planted out flower and salad leaves in the school garden, we have been digging, raking and weeding in the garden and have learnt about how to look after plants to make them grow strong.  We have enjoyed painting flowers - take a look at our new window display!  In maths we have explored different ways to make 3 and 4 and now know lots of different facts about these.  In phonics we have continued to learn to read and write new sounds and some of us are now reading lots of words (like dog, pig, cat, ten and lots more!).  In PE we have been practicing for sports day, trying out different races. 

Friday 14th May

This week we have been learning about Growing up.  We have learnt about the stages of life:- baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult and elderly, and have talked about what we could do when we were babies and toddlers and compared it with what we can do now.  We have also been thinking about what we would like to be when we grow up, and have had a visit to the school office, Mrs Cottons office, the school kitchen as well as having a visit from Gary - the caretaker and Mr Butler a bus driver!  In PE we have tried out different races to prepare for sports day.


Friday 7th May

This week we have been learning about wild animals (Roar!).  Using our book of the week 'Dear Zoo' we have been learning about the size and weight of  all the animals - from a snake to an elephant - and we found out that you can't fit many elephants into a small box, and you need a very tall box for a giraffe! We made binoculars and went on a safari (take a look at the pictures).  We have been creating our own zoo - choosing different enclosures and thinking carefully about what the animals need to eat and how they like to play.  In phonics we have continued to learn new sounds and some of us have begun to read our first words!! We are feeling very proud of ourselves.

Week ending Friday 23rd April

This week we have been learning all about different pets.  We have had lots of 'visitors' into Nursery, including: ET the tortoise, Storm the dog, Lunar the goldfish, Flo the Rabbit and Harold the hamster.  The children have loved seeing them and hearing all about their likes and dislikes, needs and behaviour.  Lots of our children asked thoughtful questions about the pets, and I think some children would like one or two of them at home! (sorry).  We have had great fun in our pet shop and vets, painted fish for an aquarium, counted dog biscuits and much more.  In PE we explored 'dance' to a favourite nursery rhyme - Humpty Dumpty, where the children had to make up their own moves to suit the different characters and music.  We have also began to learn to read and write our first sounds in phonics - m, a and s.

Next week we are learning about farm animals and we will begin to practice for sports day (weather permitting on the field - so please make sure your child has appropriate clothing on FRIDAY, thank you).

Enjoy the photos of our fun...

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

End of term - Easter Celebrations

Nursery class have had great fun getting ready for Easter.  Our story this week was 'Duck in a truck' which is a story about a duck who gets stuck in mud and how his friends help him get out.  We have used our story to find rhyming words and play with real and nonsense words to rhyme.  In maths we have been matching patterns to make complete eggs and counting forwards and backwards.  We have been planting bean seeds and watching them grow roots and shoots - we hope you enjoy watching them grow at home?  We have been busy creating our Easter cards and learning about the Easter story.  On the last day we went onto the big field with Reception for an Easter Egg Hunt.


We hope you enjoy your Easter holidays and are able to enjoy some outside fun and games, when the weather allows!


When we return to school we will be in Summer term 1.  During the first 4 weeks we will be learning about different animals:- how to care for them, where they live, what they eat, how they move amongst other things.  We will learn about Pets, Farm Animals, Wild Animals and much more.  We would love to see photos of your pets, so please bring these in with you when we return on Monday 19th April.


Take care 

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker

Nursery timetable and expectations

for Remote Learning


Daily - Share the story (with a different daily focus)

Daily - Learn to read 3 picture cards 

Daily - Physical activity

Throughout the week -  maths challenges, sing the nursery rhyme and explore the 'mini adventure'

Friday 5th March


Well, this is the last day of home learning - so have fun and have a great week-end.  A huge thank you to all the grown-ups who have supported their children each day with all the activities and well done to all our children who have worked so hard.  We are so looking forward to seeing everyone back in school on Monday and seeing what you are so clever at now!  


Book:- For World Book Day we enjoyed sharing this book, which is one of the books you can buy with your token (we've got them waiting in school for you!) see if you like it........

Physical Activity:- As yesterday, choose different jumps and balances and put them together in a 'sequence'.  Can you teach it to someone?  (how about your brother/sister/mum/dad) Can you suggest how they can improve their movements? (for example - hold the balance still, jump higher/longer etc..)

Maths: Try out this interactive measuring game - in your google box type in 'Topmarks' then type 'measuring' into the search box. Click on the 3rd game down 'Let's compare' and have fun!

Picture Cards:-  Kangaroo, Umbrella, Boot and out this 'Fred' game


Take care

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Thursday 4th March

Book:  Today is World Book Day so I would like you to choose your own story to share today - this can be a well known/loved one or a brand new one (there are so many to choose from on You Tube).  Take time looking at the pictures together before reading the words and ask your child what is happening in the pictures.  Use different voices for different characters and before your turn over a page let your child guess what they think might happen next.  Have fun

World Book Day Activities - use the resources in your weekly pack to have some creative fun, try dressing up as different characters from books, maybe paint pictures or make up your own characters by drawing them together - each choose different body parts (ie: the head of an elephant, the body of a worm, the ears of a rabbit   etc..)

Maths - Find an open space to mark out a dinosaur footprint (you could use chalk to draw it or rope to mark it out etc.) Try to find out (google) the accurate size of this then explore how big it is - how many of your feet does it measure across it?  How many people can stand inside it? and so on..

Physical Activity:- Balancing and jumping - Can you make up a small routine using different balances and jumps put together. (For example:- 2 bunny jumps then a balance on 1 foot for 5 seconds followed by zig-zag jumps and finish with a balance on 2 hands and 1 knee).

Picture Cards:- Girl, Orange, Caterpillar and try out this 'Fred' game

Have a great day and take care

Mrs Teale





​​​​​​Wednesday 3rd March

Book:Share the book and pause when you get to the opposite to see if your child can give you the right word - This dinosaur is spiky and this dinosaur is............

You could ask them to use the picture to look for clues (an important skill in reading)

Physical Activity:- Continue to practice balancing.  Your child can choose their own balances but today the skill is to hold the balance and count how long they can stay in a balance before moving (wobbling, falling etc).  Then ask them can they find a balance that they can hold for longer (this will make them think about which body parts are easier to hold a still balance on).  You could also bring some additional maths into this - use a timer (stopwatch) and discuss the numbers, bigger numbers equal longer time.

Maths:- Try measuring some objects that you can find outside today.  Rather than use paper clips can your child suggest something else they could use to measure with? (ie: their hand, foot, arm - you will probably need a larger measuring unit as the objects will be bigger outside).  

Picture cards:- Insect, Net, Pirate and try out this 'Fred' game

Have fun

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Tuesday 2nd March

Book: Share the book and then choose a few opposites that are new to your child (ie: fierce and meek) try to explore these (ie: by acting out, or finding examples) to help your child get a deeper understanding of the new vocabulary.  To check their understanding, ask them to give you/find an example from their own knowledge (ie: spiky and bumpy - a cactus is spiky and porridge is bumpy).

Physical Activity:- Continue to practice balancing, but today try balancing on objects.  Try to find a selection of safe objects that vary in width and height so that your child has a variety experiences ie: a log, chair, brick, plank etc..  Ask your child if they have to balance on their feet - are there other body parts they could use?

Maths: Measuring - choose a toy (ie: a dinosaur or teddy) ask your child to find another toy which is longer, shorter, taller and shorter than this toy.  Ask them to guess how many paper clips longer/shorter/taller they think these other toys are then use the paper clips to check their estimates.  So many maths skills will be covered in a practical activity such as this, what is important is that your child can talk about their thinking - it's fine to support them throughout the thought processes that they will encounter.

Picture Cards:- Apple, Snake, Dinosaur - and try out this 'Fred' game:- How is your child getting on with being able to hear the words that Fred is sounding out?  If they are finding it tricky, help them by sounding out the word but saying the sounds faster/ closer together. 





Monday 1st March

Book: Our book for this week is Dinosaur Roar  This book reinforces and extends the work we started a few weeks ago.  Share the book today and discuss the new vocabulary.

Picture Cards:- Zip, Exercise and Mountain.  Have a go at this 'Fred' game too -

Physical Activity:- This week we are exploring 'balancing'.  First of all play the 'body parts' game.  I make cards for this, each with a different body part on (ie: 1 foot, 1knee and 1 hand, bottom, tummy etc..) you could think of these together - then take it in turns to pick a card and see how long you can hold a balance on this body part for (this is also great for maths!).  Explain 'balancing' is when you must stay very still - like a statue, sometimes we say 'freeze' if this helps.

Maths - this week it's measuring - use the pictures and paper clips in your pack to measure length and height.  Discuss which dinosaur is longer/shorter, taller/shorter - ask how do you know this? It is important that your child can tell you why they think something as it develops their reasoning skills and critical thinking.

Don't forget to join us at 10.00 for a chance to chat and hear our story of the week.

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker





Friday 26th February 

Book:- retell the story by acting it out - find some props that you can use and take on roles for the characters.  I hope you have fun, and I can't wait to see what your story looks like!

Physical:- Continue to practice your jumping on two feet - today try to see how high you can jump, or jump on and off objects.  In PE we used a bench and a small PE table to jump off.

Maths:- Continue to practice writing number 5 (it's very tricky!) and can you draw 5 objects (of your choice), find 5 objects and maybe make 5 objects (using playdoh or similar).  How is your touch counting coming on?  Are you remembering to go nice and slowly - especially with the larger numbers.

Picture Cards:- Yak, Worm, Queen and try out this 'Fred' game

Take care - and see you at 11.30!


Warning - there is a rather nice surprise for some children at our zoom today!!!

Mrs Teale




Thursday 25th February

Book: Share together and ask your child to tell you the story!  Support them to use the pictures to help them remember, and use 'prompts' to help them (ie: Who was it that helped Harry find his dinosaurs at the train station?, What did Harry's sister think about his dinosaurs? and so on)

Physical Activity:- Continue to practice your jumping - why don't you try outside to see how far you can jump?  Find somewhere you can mark on the floor where you land, then try to jump further than this mark.  You could turn this into a game with other family members to see who can jump the furthest.

Maths:- Continue to practice the rhyme for number 5 - try writing it using unusual mark making 'things' - a stick in the mud, water on a brush or with your finger in shaving foam!  Continue also to accurately touch count objects that can't be moved - what can you find in the garden or at the park that you can count?

Picture cards:- Robot, Jack-in-a-box and Vulture - and try out this 'Fred' game

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Number 5 rhyme

Wednesday 24th February 

Book: Listen to the story again and discuss:- who the characters are, where is the story taking place (setting) and ask what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story - can your child remember?  Use the book to help if needed.

Picture Cards: Egg, Leg, Horse (See clips below) and try out this 'Fred' game

Physical Activity:- continue practicing your jumping - how is it going? (I'd love to see your photos -

Maths:- Continue to practice touch counting and matching using the dinosaur game.  Learn to read number 5 using the rhyme on the card - below







Tuesday 23rd February

Book:-  Listen to the book again and explain any new vocabulary

Picture Cards:- Umbrella, Boot, Flower.  Plus watch the clip below for a new 'Fred' game

Physical - Jumping (see yesterday)

Maths - Continue practicing touch counting and match quantities to numerals.  Challenge:- Can you guess first how many dinosaurs there are before you count them (this is a very important skill to learn - estimating)

Take care

Mrs Teale




Monday 22nd February 

Hello and welcome to Spring Term 2.  We hope you had a good half term break and were able to get out and about to have some fun with your family. We really hope that this is the term where we will be able to all be back in school together - let's wait to see what happens!  Until this is possible we will continue to put together our home learning packs for you to collect every Monday and, don't forget to join us for our live zoom sessions on a Monday and Friday so that you can see all your friends.


For the next few weeks our topic will be "Dangerous Dinosaurs".  We know lots of you love everything about dinosaurs, so we will be having lots of fun learning skills and knowledge through the theme of dinosaurs.


Book of the week: Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs 

Listen to the story together and check your child has understood the storyline, explain anything they are not sure about.  In school we will be explaining that dinosaurs lived many many years ago and are now extinct.

Picture cards:- orange, caterpillar, kangaroo

Challenge -  make a list of words that begin with 'M' - can you 'Fred' the words you find?

Physical Activity:- All this week we will be practicing 'jumping'.  We will be jumping with 2 feet together.  We will then see how far and how high we can jump (this can also bring in the skill of measuring).  We will try to jump over a line and then a low object.  We will jump around obstacles and will finally take this into jumping games.  The following clip has a nice idea for jumping games at home.

Maths - Use the Dinosaur game to accurately touch count and then read numerals and finally match these together. If your child is finding it difficult to accurately touch count larger quantities, try practicing this using objects that they can move first and then hold their hand to guide them slowly over the pictures.

Finally, you might like to try out some of the following activities:- 





Dangerous dinosaurs

Introduction to our new topic

Dinosaur Activities




Friday 12th February 

Book: Share the book and ask your child to join in telling the story.  Can they use different voices for the different characters?  For example: How would mummy bear sound at the end of the story when she sees how dirty baby bear is?

Physical/Maths:- The word to explore today is 'through'.  What objects can you find to move through and how many different ways can you find to move 'through' objects?  You could try this yourself,or use your teddy.

Picture Cards:- Pirate, Net, Girl.  'Fred' game for today - play put your finger on your.......   ie: h-a-n-d, l-e-g, b-a-ck etc..

Chinese New Year:- Today in nursery we will be enjoying lots of Chinese fun!  Why don't you join us by watching the clip below, using chopsticks (upside down pencils or something similar) to eat noodles, try out some dragon dancing (see clip and use some material held up over your head) or have a go at speaking Chinese - Nin Hao! (Hello) or Gung Hay Fat Choy (Happy New Year)




CBeebies: Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie takes to the street with her family for a parade and firecracker display.Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games an...

Thursday 11th February 

Book:- Share story together and pause it to ask questions which check their understanding and further their curiosity.  For example:  Did teddy really go to the moon?  Why do you think you need a space helmet and boots to go to the moon?  What do you think it would be like on the moon - smells, sounds etc.  How long do you think it would take to get to the moon?

Physical/Maths - Explore the word "Beside".  today you could use teddy and place him beside objects.  You could them explore how teddy could move beside objects.

Picture Cards:-  Dinosaur, Tower, Insect.  For a word game today, try playing I Spy initial sounds from the story.  For example: I spy something beginning with 'p' picnic and so on - you could give clues to help them.

Valentines Day - Today in Nursery we will be getting ready for Valentines day.  We will talk about who we love (and why), we will make our cards and write our name in them.  Can you join in with us and use the resources from your pack to make your card ?





Wednesday 10th February

Book:- Can you find 'props' and act out the story together.  Prompt your child to tell you what happens next to see if they can remember the sequence of the story.  Pause to discuss how the different parts of the story are making them fell (excited, scared, etc..)

Physical/Maths:-  Today can you explore 'beside'. Explain that this means 'by the side' or 'next to'.  Find objects that you can be 'beside' and then find different ways of moving 'beside' objects.

Picture Cards:- Mountain, Apple and Snake (can you child clearly say all the sounds in each word?  ie:  m-ou-n-t-in, can you hear the k in snake? Continue with the 'Fred' games.

Pancake Day - we will be celebrating Pancake Day today in school.  We will be tasting different toppings and deciding our favourites, using playdoh to roll out and cut pancakes, running pancake races (using a bat and bean bag) and sharing a pancake story - here's a link to a rather famous traditional one - see link below

Have a great day and take good care of yourself

Mrs Teale





THE BIG PANCAKE - Fairy Tales In English | Bedtime Stories | English Cartoons

THE BIG PANCAKE - Fairy Tales In English | Bedtime Stories | English Cartoon For Kids | English Fairy Tales

Tuesday 9th February

Book::- Share the story again, and pause it to 'think out loud'.  This means asking questions in a way that shows you are thinking about them.  ie:  I wonder what he could use to go into space in if he didn't have a box?  or, I wonder what it feels like to go up a chimney?  or, I wonder how long it took them to fly to the moon?

Physical/Maths:  We are combining these this week, and today I would like you to explore 'over'.  Find objects that you can move over and then find different ways of moving over them - how can you move?  Which is easy/difficult?

Picture Cards:  Worm, Zip, Exercise.  Try out this new 'Fred talk' game (remember, Fred can only talk in sounds) 'Fred's wardrobe' - ie: s-c-ar-f, -h-a-t, d-r-e-ss, sh-ir-t and so on.

Safer Internet Day - Share this message and discuss what you use the internet for and how you can stay safe and calm

Take care

Mrs Teale




Monday 8th February

Hello and welcome to the last week of this half term!  As it's the last week we are going to be a little more creative, with lots of celebration themes. They might not be the exact day, but they're close enough to have fun!

Tuesday - Safer Internet day

Wednesday - Pancake Day

Thursday - Valentines Day

Friday - Chinese New Year

Our book this week is - Whatever Next by Jill Murphy listen to the book being read, and discuss the items teddy uses for his adventure.  Can you find any of these and act out the story?  If you don't have these - think about what you could use together and test these out.

All this week we are combining our PE with Maths.  The topic is positional language.  This is a great topic to have lots of movement fun with.  Today I would like you to explore the word "under".  Can you find different objects that you can get under, or that you could put a toy (teddy/doll) under.  Then can you find different ways of moving under objects (ie: wriggle, crawl, roll etc.) You could also try this outside, at the park - wherever you go - use your imagination and be creative!

Picture Cards - Robot, Jack-in-a-box, Vulture

Don't forget our zoom session at 10.00 am where we will share our book and you can tell us about your weekend.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker





Friday 5th February 

Book: Can you choose a book (either from home or on you tube) which is a story about the stars.  Look at the picture on the front and read the title - can you guess what the book is going to be about?  What do you think will happen?  How will it end?  Then read the book and compare your initial thoughts.

Physical Activity - Choose your favourite shake break from the week and try it again.  Can you explain why it is your favourite?

Maths: Using the new vocabulary (first, next, after that, finally etc.) can you talk about the sequence to washing your hands.

Picture Cards - Leg, Egg, horse.  Try playing 'Fred's Fridge'.  Fred talk the items that are in your fridge (ie: m-i-l-k, ch-ee-se and so on) Can your child tell you what each item is?

Have a super week-end and look after each other

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker





Thursday 4th February

Book:- Re-read the book.  At the end ask:- Tell me two new things you have learnt about what happens at night? Encourage your child to use the book to find these on the correct pages (these are important skills for reading)


Use this song to help you learn (remember) the days of the week. You could then ask some questions to check their understanding - For exmple?  Do you know what day it is today?  What day will it be tomorrow?  How many days do we have at the week-end?  What are these days called?  and so on.  Again, it's better to keep checking their understanding of this concept regularly/daily and throughout the day, 

Physical Activity:-  - Try this one out, it's one of Mrs Teale's favourites!

Picture Cards:- Umbrella, Flower, Boot - also keep playing Fred Talk I Spy (see yesterday for further details).





Wednesday 3rd February

Book:- Share the book and ask questions.  For example: Who is awake when you are asleep?  What is the owl looking for? Is everyone on the train asleep?  What can you buy at the market? Do you wake up in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Physical Activity:-  Try this 'shake break'

Maths:-  Talk about your day.  Ideally do this early so that you can ask:- what shall we do first today?  What would you like to do after that, next, before lunch, etc. Then at the end of the day talk your day through again.  Can you remember what we did first, after that, before ...  remember - it's the sequencing vocabulary that is important.

Picture Cards:- Orange, Kangaroo and Caterpillar.  Keep playing the 'Fred talk' I spy game - you could try this with colours.  For example:-  I spy something that is r-e-d, or g-r-ee-n and so on.





Tuesday 2nd February

Book:  Read through and discuss any new vocabulary, ie: scurry, flicker, swoop.  If these are 'action' words, try moving this way.

Maths: Sequencing:- talk about your day.  Use vocabulary: morning, afternoon, evening, later, earlier.

Physical Activity:- Try this out  This is another 'shake break' favourite of ours.

Picture Cards:- Net, Pirate, Girl.  For a challenge you could play a 'Fred Talk' game.  Fred is a frog who can only talk in sounds, ie: cat is c-a-t, shop is sh-o-p

coat is c-oa-t.  Why not try Fred I Spy.





Monday 1st February

We hope you had a good weekend.  Did you manage to take part in the Big Garden Bird challenge? I'm afraid we didn't see many birds in ours, I think they were too busy trying to keep warm!


Our Book this week is another information book all about what happens at night when they have to go to bed.   Peep inside night time.

Please read this through today and answer any questions your child may have about it.

Physical Activity - This is another of our favorites to develop co-ordination

Maths: - This week we will be learning all about sequencing. The most important part of this learning is to get your child using the correct vocabulary to be able to talk about a sequence of events:- First, next, then, after that, finally, last.  In your pack is a set of pictures to use to help you teach and discuss the sequence of getting ready for bed.  Use these pictures, 3 at first (first, next, last) then build in more pictures and more vocabulary.  

Picture Cards: Tower, Dinosaur, Insect





Bedtime Routine Sequencing Cards

Friday 29th January

Book:- Read for the final time and identify each rabbit in the book as a character, point out that each character has a different name.  Talk about the 'setting' - remind them that this is 'where' the story is taking place (ie: in a hall, in a kitchen etc..).  Identify the different settings. Further Challenge:-- If you would like to, try making a list of more opposites together.  What can you think of?

Physical - Keep going with the zumba, see if you can join in with all of it.

Maths - Learn the rhyme for writing number 3.  Can they write it using their magic writing pencil (finger) on their hand, on their leg, on your back, big, small etc.  Each time they write it they must say the rhyme.

Picture Cards:- Would you believe it - we now know the whole alphabet!!! So, what happens next?  We go back to the beginning - so today it's:- Mountain, Apple and Snake.

Have a great week-end and stay safe.

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Thursday 28th January

Book:- Re-read and ask questions ie: What happens next?  Was Rose Rabbit fast or slow? Can you remember what was full of berries?  What did the snowman need to finish him off?

Maths:- Practise writing number 2.  This can be in the air using their 'magic pencil' (finger), in shaving foam, in sand, with chalk, felt pens, highlighters - outside and inside - go wild and use their imaginations. (Say the rhyme as they write it - see below)

Physical Activity:- Try out this Zumba dance -

Picture cards:- the last two - Queen and Yak

Stay safe

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker





Wednesday 27th January

Book:- Re-read the book and see if your child can tell you the opposite word for each pair.  You could give a clue to help them if they can't remember immediately.  Explore any opposites that they don't fully understand.

Physical Activity:- Try this penguin dance - which is your favourite?

Picture Cards:- worm, zip, exercise

Maths - try making your numbers with spaghetti or playdoh or sticks (if you don't have any of these what could you use to make the numbers? - I'd love to see what you found)

Take care

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Tuesday 26th January:- 

Book skills:-  today choose two opposites that are new to you and explore them.  For example, if it's fast and slow you could try moving these ways, or move cars both ways etc.  Talk about the differences they notice.

Maths activity:- practise writing number 1 - say the rhyme as you write it

"start at the top and down we run that's the way we write a 1" - Why don't you try writing it in the snow!! (Picture attached below)

Physical:- Can you shape and sculpt a penguin in the snow?  You could try using tools - with the help of an adult, of course.  I had to use a trowel and knife to make my snow sculpture.

Picture Cards:- Robot, Jack-in-a-box, Vulture

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker





Snow Day - 

Sorry that we can't be together today.   Please get out into the fabulous snow and have lots of fun.  If you want something to do inside there are plenty of ideas below to keep you busy.  Take care, stay safe and don't forget to send some photos of your fun for us to share. (

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker   

Monday 25th January

Hello and welcome to a new week.  We hope you had a good week-end?  Did you do anything different this week-end?  Share with your friends what you have been up to by sending a message to


We really miss seeing you - so we have decided to get everyone together!! (Virtually) on Friday at 11.15pm.  There will be a chance to wave and chat to your friends in Nursery and, if you would like to, you can show and tell us what you've been up to at home!  We will send you a zoom invitation by email on Thursday and all you need to do is click on the link just before 11.15 to join in. Parents - if we do not have an up to date e-mail address please let us know. 


Our book this week is Rabbits in the Snow (a book of opposites) by Natalie Russell Today, just enjoy sharing it together and point out that the main character is a rabbit.

Physical Activity - We found this Penguin dance on Friday and loved it - give it a try. Can you copy it - it's tricky!

Picture Cards today - Egg, Leg, Horse

Have fun - and take care

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Friday 22nd January 

Book:- Discuss the book.  Ask - What is this book about?  How do you know?  What have we learnt from the book?  Where can you find this in the book?  Tell me one new thing you did not know about Penguins before?  What kind of book is this, is it a story?  Do you know anywhere else that we can find information about Penguins from?  

Physical Activity - Choose your own yoga from You Tube 'Cosmic Yoga for Children' to try out - How did it go?  Don't forget to let me know please.

Maths task:- Today I have a challenge for you.  Can you build the tallest tower that you can.  You can use anything - lego, bricks, tin cans, books - whatever you have to hand!  Then measure it using your hands - how many hands tall/high is it? Is it taller or shorter than you/mummy/daddy?  If it's taller - how many hands taller?  If it's shorter - how many more would you need to make it as tall as you/mummy/daddy? 

Picture Cards:- Umbrella, Boot, Flower





Thursday 21st January

Book - Share text and ask questions to check their understanding ie: Are all penguins the same? Can you tell me how they are different? Do you think Penguins would like to eat strawberries/chocolate/pasta?  Why?  Would you like to be a Penguin?  Why?

Maths Task:- Short/Long - try rolling playdoh into different lengths to discuss short and long, shorter and longer, shortest and longest.  You could also use wool or string and cut this into different lengths.

Physical Activity - You Tube - Pedro the Penguin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Picture Cards - Orange. Caterpillar, Kangaroo





Wednesday 20th January

Picture cards:- net, pirate, girl

Book:- Read and ask questions (ie: Where do most penguins live? How do penguins get into the water? What do penguins eat? How do you know?)

Physical activity:-

Maths Activity:- Ordering height.  Use family members - arrange them to stand in line in height order - from tallest to shortest .  Can you order 4 people, 5 people?  If you don't have enough people in your family you could use lego to build towers, or cut strips of paper different lengths.




Tuesday 19th January:- 

Picture cards today:- dinosaur, tower, insect

Maths task:- find objects that are tall and short.  Try to use vocabulary taller, tallest, shorter, shortest

Physical activity:- try the same yoga - today can you improve the shapes you make with your body by stretching more or holding for longer.


Have a good day!

Mrs Teale





Monday 18th January  Hello and welcome to week 3 of home learning. Our book this week is not a story, it is an information book called Penguins.  This is not available on You Tube so we have recorded it for you, just click on the clip below! Today, just enjoy listening to the book and learning about different penguins.


We are also asking you to try out a physical activity every day.  Today we would like you to try out some yoga.  Just click on this link and join in!


Today we are starting our 'phonics'.  The 3 picture cards are below, just click, watch and join in! You have been given the cards to support this learning.  These can be used to play games with or just for recall (like in the clips).  

Your maths task today is to find objects around the house that are big and small.  For example:- shoes - yours and a grown ups.  Sort the objects you find into 2 groups - Big and small.  If you'd like an extra challenge find 3 objects and sort into big, medium and small.  Talk about which is smaller, smallest, bigger, biggest.






Penguins - information book

Monday 11th January  Welcome to a new week of home learning.  Did you know that Cbeebies have launched their home learning activities from today? This has lots of fun and games for pre-school aged children to enjoy and includes  maths, PE, creative tasks and much more.  If you would like to access these use the following link -

Don't forget to keep sending in your photos of all your adventures together.

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker



Shape Hunt  We really enjoyed going on a shape hunt outside yesterday.  We're going to try it in the classroom today.  We put a tick in each shape box each time we recognised one (ie: the tyre was a circle).  Why don't you have a try?  If you are unable to print it off, you could draw your own or I will leave some copies in the school office for you to collect. - Enjoy! 

Friday 8th January

A very snowy hello to everyone!  Well, our first week of school is coming to an end and I wondered how it has been going?  It has been lovely to hear (via our class site) from so many of you and share your fun and learning (See your fabulous work below!).  It would be lovely to hear from everyone  please next week, so if you are experiencing any problems with getting in touch just give the school office a call  on 01543 452766 and they will be happy to help you.


In school we have been enjoying the wintry weather - exploring the frost, ice and snow - have you managed to get outside yet?  We'd love to see your photos!


Next week we will be starting our new book - Say Hello to the snowy animals.  The link is below so that you can share this every day - enjoy!


Have a good weekend, and remember, I'll be looking out for your adventures next week.

Take Care

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker


Hello and Happy New Year to all our Nursery Children and their families.


We hope that you had a good break and that Santa brought you all some lovely presents? 


We are sad that we can't all be back at school together for a while so for those of you who are staying at home we will be planning some 'busy jobs' for you to do at home together.  


You will have received a text explaining how to collect your learning pack.  This has tasks in it for this week (Wednesday to Friday) and next week (week beginning 11th January).  There is also a note explaining our expectations of how much to do each day. We have attached the note below to support you, but should you have any queries, as always, please ask.


We would love to hear about (and see) all your learning at home so please send in your photos etc. so that we can all share your fun!



After these first two weeks we will post the next 'busy jobs' here on a weekly basis until we are all able to be together again.


Take care, stay safe and look after each other

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara

Our Story for Wednesday 6th January (for 3 days)

Say Hello to the Snowy Animals

Our Book for week beginning Monday 11th January (5 days)

Lacey's busy jobs - and more!

Oliver's busy jobs this week

Matilda's busy jobs this week

Darcey's busy jobs

Harley practising his name

Autumn 2 - this term we are learning:-


Spooktacular Fun! (22.10.20)

We had great fun dressing up and taking part in lots of spooky activities.  We also had a spooky magic show!

Friday 6th November 2020  This week we have started our new topic 'Exploring Autumn'.  Our book this week and next is 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert.  We have enjoyed taking part in lots of Autumnal activities both inside and outside including:- leaf rubbings, decorating pine cones, counting conkers, moving like different animals, chopping carrots to make carrot soup, shopping in our farm shop and small world play with lots of different woodland animals.  On Thursday (5th) we learnt all about how to keep ourselves safe near bonfires and fireworks and we had great fun creating our firework pictures using paint and glitter!  Take a look at just a few photos of our fun.