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Nursery timetable

from Monday 18th January 

Daily - Share the story

Daily - Practise writing their name/pencil control skills

Daily - Learn to read 3 picture cards (phonics)

Daily - Maths task

Daily - sing the Nursery Rhyme

Daily - Practise the 'self care' task

Daily - Physical activity

Throughout the week - explore the 'mini adventure'

Monday 18th January  Hello and welcome to week 3 of home learning. Our book this week is not a story, it is an information book called Penguins.  This is not available on You Tube so we have recorded it for you, just click on the clip below! Today, just enjoy listening to the book and learning about different penguins.


We are also asking you to try out a physical activity every day.  Today we would like you to try out some yoga.  Just click on this link and join in!


Today we are starting our 'phonics'.  The 3 picture cards are below, just click, watch and join in! You have been given the cards to support this learning.  These can be used to play games with or just for recall (like in the clips).  

Your maths task today is to find objects around the house that are big and small.  For example:- shoes - yours and a grown ups.  Sort the objects you find into 2 groups - Big and small.  If you'd like an extra challenge find 3 objects and sort into big, medium and small.  Talk about which is smaller, smallest, bigger, biggest.






Penguins - information book

Monday 11th January  Welcome to a new week of home learning.  Did you know that Cbeebies have launched their home learning activities from today? This has lots of fun and games for pre-school aged children to enjoy and includes  maths, PE, creative tasks and much more.  If you would like to access these use the following link -

Don't forget to keep sending in your photos of all your adventures together.

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker



Shape Hunt  We really enjoyed going on a shape hunt outside yesterday.  We're going to try it in the classroom today.  We put a tick in each shape box each time we recognised one (ie: the tyre was a circle).  Why don't you have a try?  If you are unable to print it off, you could draw your own or I will leave some copies in the school office for you to collect. - Enjoy! 

Friday 8th January

A very snowy hello to everyone!  Well, our first week of school is coming to an end and I wondered how it has been going?  It has been lovely to hear (via our class site) from so many of you and share your fun and learning (See your fabulous work below!).  It would be lovely to hear from everyone  please next week, so if you are experiencing any problems with getting in touch just give the school office a call  on 01543 452766 and they will be happy to help you.


In school we have been enjoying the wintry weather - exploring the frost, ice and snow - have you managed to get outside yet?  We'd love to see your photos!


Next week we will be starting our new book - Say Hello to the snowy animals.  The link is below so that you can share this every day - enjoy!


Have a good weekend, and remember, I'll be looking out for your adventures next week.

Take Care

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker


Hello and Happy New Year to all our Nursery Children and their families.


We hope that you had a good break and that Santa brought you all some lovely presents? 


We are sad that we can't all be back at school together for a while so for those of you who are staying at home we will be planning some 'busy jobs' for you to do at home together.  


You will have received a text explaining how to collect your learning pack.  This has tasks in it for this week (Wednesday to Friday) and next week (week beginning 11th January).  There is also a note explaining our expectations of how much to do each day. We have attached the note below to support you, but should you have any queries, as always, please ask.


We would love to hear about (and see) all your learning at home so please send in your photos etc. so that we can all share your fun!



After these first two weeks we will post the next 'busy jobs' here on a weekly basis until we are all able to be together again.


Take care, stay safe and look after each other

Mrs Teale and Mrs Walker




Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara

Our Story for Wednesday 6th January (for 3 days)

Say Hello to the Snowy Animals

Our Book for week beginning Monday 11th January (5 days)

Lacey's busy jobs - and more!

Oliver's busy jobs this week

Matilda's busy jobs this week

Darcey's busy jobs

Harley practising his name

EYFS Christmas Photos

Merry Christmas Nursery xx

Welcome to Nursery's page.  Here we will keep you updated with all of our amazing learning through the year.  At the bottom of this page you will find documents and links that you may find useful to support your child's learning at home.



Each week we will send a new Nursery Rhyme home with your child.  We ask that you share this with them frequently throughout the week in a variety of ways (sing it, clap it, dance it, draw it, act it out etc.) For further ideas please see the notes at the front of your child's book.


For the school holidays we will send a 'mini adventure' home also (one per week) .  These are fun activities which are free to do and offer many learning experiences for your child.


Breakfast and Tuck

We offer fruit at our 'snack bar' first thing in the morning as your child arrives at school. This is free and your child can help themselves if they would like a piece of fruit.


Then at 10.30 am we serve toast and milk.  Milk is free of charge. Toast is available to order each day at a cost of 20p.  Toast can not be ordered if your child has no money with them.



In Nursery we teach children to become independent and responsible for their own belongings.  In order to support us with this we ask that each item of their school uniform is clearly named together with their bag and bottle.  This will help to avoid any mix up with items.




Autumn 2 - this term we are learning:-


Spooktacular Fun! (22.10.20)

We had great fun dressing up and taking part in lots of spooky activities.  We also had a spooky magic show!

Friday 6th November 2020  This week we have started our new topic 'Exploring Autumn'.  Our book this week and next is 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert.  We have enjoyed taking part in lots of Autumnal activities both inside and outside including:- leaf rubbings, decorating pine cones, counting conkers, moving like different animals, chopping carrots to make carrot soup, shopping in our farm shop and small world play with lots of different woodland animals.  On Thursday (5th) we learnt all about how to keep ourselves safe near bonfires and fireworks and we had great fun creating our firework pictures using paint and glitter!  Take a look at just a few photos of our fun.
Friday 13th November  This week we have continued with our book 'Leaf Man' and have been learning lots of new vocabulary to talk about how leaf man moves with the wind:- drift(ing), blow (ing), swirl (ing), fly (ing) etc.  It has also been 'World Science Day' this week and we spent the morning learning about how to wash our hands correctly to get all the invisible germs off them - take a look at the photos below of the 'Bug Buster'.  On Wednesday it was Armistice Day, and we learnt about why we wear poppies - and had fun making a paper plate poppy - we hope you like it!  On Friday it was 'Children in Need Day' so we had lots of 'Pudsey Fun'! - What a week we have had! Enjoy the photos...
Friday 20th November This week we have continued with our theme 'Exploring Autumn.  Our book has been - Squirrel's Busy Day by Lucy Barnard.  The children have been learning about Squirrel collecting acorns in readiness for hibernating.  We have also had lots of fun learning about Divali (Hindu festival of lights) .  The children have been creating rangoli patterns using mixed media and some children have had their hands painted with mehndi patterns as part of the celebrations. Here are some of the things we have been up to...
Friday 27th November  This week we have been learning about animals hibernating through our book 'Bear snores on'.  We enjoyed learning about different bears, where they live and what they eat.  We had great fun going on a bear hunt outside, playing with our Arctic small world, creating bears using different media and hunting for bears in the sand.  In Maths this week we have been learning about patterns all around us and then explored repeating patterns.  We turned our reading area into a cave for the bears to hibernate in and enjoyed cutting out bats to hang in our cave.  This has completed our work on 'Exploring Autumn' so from next week we are moving onto our new topic 'Sparkle and Shine' and getting ready for Christmas!