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First week back in school - June 2020

First week back in school - June 2020 1

Monday 1st June 2020

Hello and welcome to a new term.  How was your half term week?  What fabulous weather we had, we hope you made the most of it and got outside -the lovely fresh air and sunshine really helps to lift your spirits.


This morning we have welcomed back into school some of our Reception children.  They will be enjoying an 'immersion week' planned around the movie 'Inside Out'.  So that all our class can be following the same learning if you are at home we would like you to try out the tasks and activities below.


Firstly, watch the full film (or trailer) which can be found on You Tube.


Activity:-Go outside with some paper and a pencil.  Look around you and draw all the things that you can see that make you happy.  Label them - use your phonic knowledge.  Then talk to a grown up and tell them why they make you happy.  For example: I would draw the sun because I love to feel its warmth on my face, that makes me happy.  


Activity:-  Maths:  Use your body numbers to count  and find two numbers which make 10.  How fast can you find those number bonds?  Then have a go at the attached 'Monster adding' sheet.  If you need objects to help you count choose items from around the house ie:  lego bricks or stones in the garden.  Or, you could use our bar modelling method.  



Activity:-  Share our story of the week:- In my Heart - a book of feelings by Jo Witek.  We are going to read this every day this week and each day we will concentrate on different skills.  Today we will explain any vocabulary that is new to us.  The book is available on You Tube


Activity:- Our favourite games to play together - What is your favourite game?  I like to play hide and seek and hopscotch.  Can you suggest a game your family could play together?


Activity:- Making Character puppets - the 'Mood Monsters' from the film.  You will need the sheet below and some sticks (lolly sticks, straws or sticks from the garden) then you can use these to make up your own stories or act out parts of the film.


Activity:- Likes and dislikes - you will need the 3 sheets below.  Cut and decide where to stick each object according to your likes and dislikes.  When you have finished share this with your family - Is everyone in your house the same?  


Enjoy our activities and don't forget to send me any work or photos you have to


Take care and keep safe

Mrs Teale x 

Phonics Information


Please find below information about phonics lessons on Ruth Miskin YouTube channel.

If you have any problems, please email us:


All films will be released at 9.30am from Monday to Friday.

Each film is approximately ten to fifteen minutes long and will be available on YouTube for 24 hours.


Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart on 1st June 2020.
Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.


New daily films:


  • Read longer words: for children who can read Set 3 sounds and words confidently.
  • Read Red Words 1: for children who are reading Red, Green, Purple, Pink and Orange Read Write Inc. Storybooks. Many children are able to read these in Reception.
  • Read Red Words 2: for children who are reading Yellow, Blue and Grey Read Write Inc. Storybooks. Many children are able to read these in Y1.
  • Read and Hold a Sentence 1 (from 15th June): reading and writing practice for children reading Green, Purple, Pink and Orange Read Write Inc. Storybooks. (For children reading and writing with Set 1 sounds confidently and learning Set 2 sounds.)
  • Read and Hold a Sentence 2 (from 15th June): reading and writing practice for children reading Yellow, Blue and Grey Read Write Inc. Storybooks. (For children reading and writing words with Set 2 sounds confidently and learning Set 3 sounds.) 

All films will be in separate categories on the YouTube channel.


Monday 18.5.20

Hello - are you ready for another fun week of 'home learning'? More about that in a moment, firstly, what did you get up to at the weekend now that we are able to travel a bit more freely?  We took our bikes to a very pretty valley and cycled for 18 miles! Thankfully most of it was flat.  How did you get on with last week's activities - I'd love to hear from more of you, please send me any photos you might have or messages to


So, this week we are going to be learning all about our homes and their design - Do you think you could design a house for you and your family?  The boy in our story this week has got a wild imagination - take a look at our story:-  

If I Build a House by Chris Van Dusen

Remember to share the story a few times together first so that you know it really well before starting the activities.  Then talk about what kind of house you would like if you could design anything you wanted.  Think about which rooms you would have, what would be in them?  Here are some helpful words and a picture to use as a 'talking point':-

What would the new room be used for? What are you going to call this room? What would you have inside it? Who would be allowed to use the room? Can you label all the things you draw? Use any paper to draw and label your house - the bigger the better!  You could even try this with chalk on paving slabs - I can't wait to see your ideas.
For Maths this week we are going to continue getting very clever with our numbers to 20.  I have found some great activities and games for you to try out together and I know you all love learning with the 'Numberblocks' so to start you off play this link:

Towards the end of the clip they go on to count in 'steps' I've attached a picture of this that you could create.   It is really important that your child can 'see' how many each number is worth, especially when you are dealing with the bigger numbers.  Try finding objects around the house (or outside) to line up and count with, you could then match (write) the number to these.

Another great way of learning about numbers to 20 is to play games with 'tens frames'.  We use these in class every day so your child should be familiar with them.  Again, find objects around the house (or outside) and use the tens frames to arrange the objects - one object in one square.  You can then use these for asking lots of questions, so that your child has an opportunity to think and reason and explain their ideas.  For example:-


Picture 1

You could ask:- 

How many do we have?

Can you make the number that is 1 more or 1 less?

What number comes next/before/after that?

How many more do we need before we have 10 (or 20 if you are using 2 fames)

So if I have 8 and 2 that makes?...  (This reinforces the work you have already done with number bonds - body counting)

You could have too many objects - then ask your child what should we do?

(Answer - take away) 



Here are a couple of other fun games which will help you child reason and talk about their thinking (very important skills in understanding number order and value)


Picture 1
Picture 1

Have you tried the Jo Wicks PE sessions?  I've been hearing all about him for weeks and thought I'd give it a go, I'm exhausted! But I'm full of energy - why don't you give him a try together?


Finally - how do you fancy learning two new songs?  These were both favourites of my children (when they were smaller).  There are actions that go alongside them but why don't you try making your own up? I'd love to see a clip of you singing or playing along to the songs.


Have a great week, enjoy the sunshine and look after each other.

Mrs Teale x

Niamh's learning this week

Niamh's learning this week 1
Niamh's learning this week 2
Niamh's learning this week 3

Monday 11th May 2020

Welcome to a new week of 'home learning'.  I hope you all enjoyed the long week-end and any celebrations you might have had? We held a 'socially distanced street party' and all our neighbours joined in with an afternoon tea, lots of decorations and 1940's music.  I even made my own bunting (because I'd left it too late to get any from Amazon!).


This week we are going to have some fun and learning based around the story:- Hansel and Gretel - please share the story and become familiar with it (you might like to read it a few times together before starting the activities).  This is available on

You Tube - Hansel and Gretel #ReadAlong Storybook Video For Kids

Ages 2-7


Then try out the activities in the following lesson.  These will help with phonics, build vocabulary and involve you in designing your own sweet! When you have completed the lesson I have also provided a link for you to print off a template design sheet.


For our learning in Maths this week we will be working with numbers up to 20.  This will involve us counting, ordering, reasoning and possible talking about adding and subtracting.  I have provided a lesson which is fun to do with different activities and then there are different worksheets and challenges for you to try afterwards. (For I Spy there are two sheets - you will also need the 'checklist')

How are you doing with your butterfly hunting?  I am finding it quite tricky as they are very fast and don't like to hang around for a photo - but I'm going to keep trying!  Don't forget to send me any photos you get along with the name, once you've identified it.  


I can't wait to see all your learning, fun and games this week - so keep busy, keep safe and keep looking after each other.

Mrs Teale x

Angel's sweet design and counting fun

Angel's sweet design and counting fun 1
Angel's sweet design and counting fun 2
Angel's sweet design and counting fun 3
Angel's sweet design and counting fun 4
Angel's sweet design and counting fun 5

Bank Holiday week-end

Have a great long week-end this bank holiday.  If you are joining in with the VE Day anniversary celebrations I hope you have a great time - remember to stay safe and look after each other. Don't forget to send me photos of all your fun!

'We'll meet again' on Monday 11th! 


Niamh's butterfly challenge - can you name the butterfly in Niamh's garden?

Niamh's butterfly challenge - can you name the butterfly in Niamh's garden? 1
Niamh's butterfly challenge - can you name the butterfly in Niamh's garden? 2
Niamh's butterfly challenge - can you name the butterfly in Niamh's garden? 3

Monday 4th May 2020

Hello and welcome to a new week of fun activities to share at home.  Hopefully the sun is going to come back this week so that we can enjoy exercising outside and going for walks.  So far we have spotted lots of different birds between us (have a look at the list below) so I thought it's time for a new 'spotting' challenge.  On my walks last week I noticed lots of butterflies - so can we all get butterfly spotting please - send in any photos you can take and use the attached link to identify them:

Did you know that a butterfly is symmetrical?  This means it has exactly the same pattern on both wings.  A great activity to try out is:

* fold a piece of paper in half 

* paint half of a butterfly on one half

* fold it over and smooth it over

* open it out - like magic a butterfly!


Do you like the idea of treasure and maps?  This next activity uses the story 

'Little Red Riding Hood' - click on the link below to hear the story.  During the story the teacher will ask you to pause and find items, or carry out tasks (parents these range from easy to more tricky).  You will learn how to draw a treasure map and also how to use 'prepositions' and 'direction' words.  There is a quiz at the end too! Have lots of fun but please don't send your work to their twitter account - send it to us at


How well do you know your days of the week? 

*  Can you order them?

*  Can you say what day it is today, tomorrow, yesterday?

*  Can you say the name of the day that is after Friday?

*  What day is your birthday on this year?

*  How many days are in one week/a fortnight?

*  How many days make up the week-end?

*  How many days make up a school/working week?

The 'lesson' below will help you to learn about days of the week and then looks at ordering your day.  This will involve you learning/using some new vocabulary - 

eg: next, before, after, then, following that etc.. When you have watched this lesson try out the sequencing activity that I have attached.  I can't wait to see your finished work.


Reading/Spelling - Looking for an idea to make learning how to spell and read words great fun? - try out the 'twister' game I've attached - you can make this as easy or tricky as you need to - fun for all the family!


Have a great week - I'm off butterfly where did I put my binoculars?

Mrs Teale x



Niamh has been busy reading and spelling

Niamh has been busy reading and spelling 1

I went out yesterday but I couldn't capture any buterflies - but I did see these....

I went out yesterday but I couldn't capture any buterflies - but I did see these.... 1
I went out yesterday but I couldn't capture any buterflies - but I did see these.... 2

Charlie had fun measuring - and more!

Charlie had fun measuring - and more! 1
Charlie had fun measuring - and more! 2
Charlie had fun measuring - and more! 3
Charlie had fun measuring - and more! 4
Charlie had fun measuring - and more! 5
Charlie had fun measuring - and more! 6

Monday 27.4.20

Good morning and welcome to another week of 'home schooling'.  This week we have got a fantastic adventure for you to go on which will involve you in learning all about Max and his amazing adventure.  You will get to share lots of fun whilst reading his story, answering comprehension questions, play a rhyming game, doing lots of interesting things with sticks - including weaving and much more!  Download the pack below and let your journey begin.


As well as this I have attached some maths worksheets for length - perhaps you could collect sticks first and order them for length - it doesn't have to be sticks - you can measure and compare most items that you have already at home - I'd love to see your ingenious ideas - don't forget to send me your pictures so that we can share them.


Do you like to play video games?  I think I know the answer to this!! - I have attached this weeks' class assembly which is all about video games - and more.  Parents - you can use the slides to talk about mutual respect, gaming and more then try out the board games and physical games also - have fun.


Also, our class list for the birds that we have spotted (further down the page) is growing all the time - keep sending in your bird names for me to add to it.


How are your number bonds coming along?  Have you managed to get really fast with being able to recall them?  Don't forget to use the clips (below) if you need some help.


Finally, do keep in touch to let me know what you are getting up to inside and outside I love to see all your fun and games.  Take care and be kind to each other

Mrs Teale x

Angel's work on length

Angel's work on length 1

Monday 20.4.20

Hello and welcome to a sunny new week of learning.  This week we have got a fabulous project for you to complete - Mavis the magical cat.   This will take you on a journey involving: using your imagination in role play, reading, planning and writing a story, poetry and much more.  I think you will have lots of fun and I can't wait to see your ideas!

Another project you might like to try is our  whole school Geography project - This is something that everyone can get involved in no matter what age - there is lots of fun to be had learning about the world around you - we had started looking at this in class, so this will remind you and then take you further - do as much as you can and have fun!


As well  this - don't forget to use the clips to help you learn your body numbers - I'd love to see what you can do - can you send me photos or video links please?


Finally - the sun is shining - so make the most of getting outside - has anyone tried the 'obstacle course' challenge?  AND - don't forget to let me know about all the birds you spot so I can add them to our class list - it's growing!


Have fun and be kind to each other.

Mrs Teale x


Link to Phonics Lessons


This link now includes Phonics and spelling lessons.  Please check the link for times of lessons and videos.  There will also be a story time at 2.00pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - check it out!


If you need any help with your child's reading, spelling and writing please see the 'frequently asked questions' document below. 


Angel's creative fun!

Angel's creative fun! 1
Angel's creative fun! 2

Megan's paper rose picture

Megan's paper rose picture 1

Charlie's learning this week

Niamh had a busy week and lots of fun!

Abbie-Angel has been having fun learning with her brother.

Week beginning Tuesday 14th April 2020

Hello and welcome to the second week of the Easter holidays.  I hope you have been making the most of the hot sunny weather in your garden or whilst out for a walk.  

This week I have chosen a theme which will involve you in exploring materials and looking at 'the past' to compare now and then.

Our book for the week is 'The Old Toy Room' - the e-book is available on TwinklPlease read this a few times and get to know it well.  Then you can begin to have a go at the following activities:-

Writing - Choose a toy and write a 'fact file' about it - use the writing frame available to print off.

Understanding of the World

Materials - choose a toy (ie: lego) find our what it is made from - why is it made from this material?  Could it be made from a different material?  You might like to try this out!  (Have fun)  Do this for a few different toys.

History (Now and then) - Choose and research a toy (it:  I -Pad) find out:- did your parent(s) have this toy when they were young?  Did they have something similar?  How has it changed?  What else can you find out?


Creative - Have a go at making your own toys with junk and bits and bobs you may have around the house - don't forget to send me your photos.


Maths - Number bonds to 10

Watch the following clips that will help you learn your number bonds to 10 then have a go at the attached worksheets.  

School Closure 

If you need to contact us about any of the work your child has been set or if you would like to share photos of the activities you have been doing or if you've found anything you think everyone else might find interesting, please email us:

Week Beginning Monday 6th April

Good morning and welcome to the first week of the Easter holidays.  In school we would have been learning all about Easter, so, I have put together some activities for you to share at home for the theme of 'Easter'.  Please remember to send in your learning, photos, pictures etc... so that we can share them with the class.  Enjoy..


Reading - share The Easter Story and We're going on an Egg Hunt (read these daily and discuss: Characters, Settings, messages, rhyming words, and ask each other questions about what you have learnt etc.)


Word Work - use the phrase 'Easter Time' to make as many words as you can (eg:  star,  me,  mat) how many can you make?


Creative - make a mini  Easter garden (use a mixture of media)

Make an Easter card - try using different media here too




Technology - Have a go at this ICT project and have some fun together!

(See the PDF link below)


Maths Easter Egg Hunt - make your own egg hunt - this could be using numbers 1-20, just the odd or even numbers, problem solving (ie: I have 2 eggs and 4 bunnies - how many altogether?, or, Tom has 7 eggs but he ate 4, how many left? etc..) 

Have a great Easter week and wee-end and look out here next week for new activities.  Take care and be kind with each other. 

Mrs Teale

Hello Friday! (3.4.20)

The week-end lies ahead and it looks like it's going to be a bit warmer - yeh! Don't forget to go bird spotting and let me know what you find.

Fancy a sing-a-long?  You could join in with a virtual choir - it might be something you'd like to do with the family.

On Sunday afternoon there's going to be a Harry Potter family quiz - if you fancy joining in just message me and i'll let you have details!

Have a good week-end and look here on Monday for some Easter treats!

Mrs Teale x


Welcome to Thursday (2.4.20)

Finally, the sun looks like it might be coming back! Why don't you try and get outside for longer today - you could help to tidy the garden, plant some seeds or make up an obstacle course - this could include some:- jumping, sliding, hopping, twirling, slithering, swinging - what else could you include?

Inside you could try out 'Cosmic yoga' - there are many different themes to try eg: Frozen, Harry Potter and more

If you have internet access and are able to print off work 'twinkl' is now available for parents to access free of charge and has work available for every area of learning including maths, writing, topic and more.  If you don't have access to the internet try keeping a diary for a week, note down everything you do during the day.

Finally, a great site to look at is 'kids activities blog' - check out the screen free activities, there's loads of fun to be had ie: balloon car racing, sock mopping or paper plate roses!

Have lots of fun and keep messaging me to tell me what you have been up to

Mrs Teale x


Hello from Mrs Teale (30.3.20)

I do hope you are all staying safe and managing to organise your days with plenty of work, rest and play?  In our house we have both my husband and myself working from home, my daughter home from University and my son home from college - so our internet is working flat out!

As part of my day I am currently enjoying doing a 1000 piece jig-saw and baking - I've included a recipe for 'Rainbow cupcakes' which you might like to try (if you don't have food colouring they can be made plain - just as tasty!).  I've also noticed there are a lot more birds around throughout the day and I'm ashamed to say I don't know the different bird songs - so I thought I'd learn to identify them and have found a great site to help me do this - I've attached this below so you can join me.  Please make a list of all the birds you identify.

Finally, Wednesday is April Fool's Day so I'm going to have some fun playing jokes on all the family as we're at home together - let me know what you come up with!

I'd love to hear what you are getting up to,

Take care, and look after each other....  Mrs Teale

Name of Bird Spotted By




Blue Tit

Great Tit



Song Thrush?  

Charlie Yates


Wood Pigeon








Blue Tit



Mrs Teale



(spotted on a 

walk by a













Working at home

Home Learning


Please find below work for your child to do at home. Some work will be in the pack sent with your child. Some will be links to activities online.


Hello Reception!


We hope you are all well and are staying safe.


We wanted to show you a YouTube channel where we can watch daily speed sound lessons to make sure we are still making fantastic progress with our phonics. 

Try to watch these daily if you can - focus on set 1 and then set 2.


White Rose Maths are also doing videos to support maths lessons with questions that you can have a go at afterwards. Try these when you get chance, they are very good.


There is also a link to a fantastic blog post where you will see examples of how to structure the day and lots of ideas and activities to do along with the tasks in your home learning pack. 


Most importantly have fun and be good and we will see you soon.


Welcome to Reception


 Class Teacher:Mrs Teale  


Teaching Assistant:Mrs Harris, Mrs Mason



Hello and welcome to Reception class page. 


In Reception our learning environment is organised to enable children to source and access resources for themselves, promoting independence and responsibility.


We have a balance between adult led and child initiated activities, both through indoor and outdoor play.


The children’s interests are paramount when we are planning activities, in order to fully engage them in their learning. These interests are developed further through enhancing the resources provided within the learning areas.



PE day for the new term will be a Thursday - please ensure your child's PE kit is returned to school in time for the first session. This term we are learning about qymnastics (Spring 2).


We are excited to have launched our '1000 stories' project and some children have already collected tokens for reading 10 and 20 stories - keep up the great work! - Don't forget you can change your book with your child every day at the end of school.  We are delighted that 4 children have already reached their first 50 stories!  Keep up the great work.


Book Share is each Thursday at 3.00 - we love sharing your child's learning and celebrations so please make sure you can join us for the fun!


We had great fun celebrating World Book Day on 7.3.20:-







 Star of the Week

7.3.20  Olivia Anderson - for being so independent in her work


Stars of the Term  - Spring 1

Harley Taylor - for her fabulous attitude - she has such a positive attitude towards life

Olivia Anderson - for being such a great organiser and being so helpful and thoughtful towards others and their needs



Mathematician of the half term

Blake Steemson - for being so committed to his maths learning - and being so quick!


Writer of the half term

Lacie Lawley - who is now writing sentences independently which can be read by herself and others


Handwriter of the half term

Megan Ingram for having the most improved Handwriting



What we have been learning

Tuesday 24th February - Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

Mrs Walker showed us how to make pancakes and flip them.  We then got to taste them with lemon and sugar - mmm delicious!




6th February - Dance Enrichment

We had great fun learning lots of moves from our visitor - we learned to move like different animals, how to follow a rhythm and how to stretch to 'cool down'





Topic - What Happens when we go to sleep?  (January)


We have been learning all about keeping healthy routines at bedtime and nocturnal and diurnal animals through stories and play.  In PE we have been learning different dances - Scottish country dancing, line dancing and Chinese dragon dancing!  In Maths we have learnt about money, pattern and addition through our play and in skills sessions.  In English we have been writing about our dreams, making lists and writing menus.


Topic - Christmas


Reception have been very busy preparing for Christmas.  We have enjoyed performing our Nativity with Nursery and this has helped us learn all about the real story of Christmas.


We have also been making Christmas crafts, had a fantastic time at the pantomime, Mother Goose and the Forest Arts Centre, ("Oh no we haven't!!"),  enjoyed a great Christmas party with games, food and a visit from Santa and if that wasn't enough enjoyed a tasty Christmas dinner!  Wow - we are really ready for a break now!


Topic:  Why do Squirrels hide their nuts?


We have been enjoying lots of different tasks to help us learn about the seasons.  We have explored which clothes are suitable for each and the types of weather that we should expect in each season.


We have also enjoyed learning about Divali - dressing up and learning new dance moves.


In maths we have been exploring 'more and fewer' as well as continuing to secure our knowledge of numbers to 10/20.


In phonics we are now in 3 groups and are continuing to learn new sounds daily and revise those we already know.  Some of us are beginning to read words and some are beginning to read simple sentences!


The Nativity - December 2019



Autumn Walk to Chasewater - Tuesday 5th November

To launch our new topic 'Why do Squirrels hide their nuts?' we went for a walk to Chasewater to look for signs of Autumn.  We found lots of these, take a look:-



Space Day - 10.10.19


To celebrate Space week we devoted a whole day to having fun and learning about many aspects of 'Space'.  We:- estimated and counted space rocks, designed our own space rockets, worked as a team to build a giant space rocket, created our own constellations using q-tips, sang space songs, listened to Julia Donaldson's new book 'The Smeds and the Smoos' and took part in space yoga! What a lot of fun we had, take a look....



 Phonic Information

 At Brownhills West Primary school, your child takes part in daily phonics sessions to help develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills. They are taught using RWI (Read Write Inc).  This is a comprehensive literacy program that aims to get children reading and writing really quickly.  The program enables children to develop skills in reading, writing, spoken language, vocabulary, grammar and spelling in a fully integrated way.  This will raise standards in children's literacy and spark a lifelong love of reading.


Ruth Miskin Parents’ Page:


 Ruth Miskin Facebook:


 Free e-books for home reading:


Please find below some online phonics games you may like to play with your children.

Helping your child

We believe that parents play an important role in being involved in their child's education.  Within this page you will find lots of important information about how we teach phonics, writing and maths. There are also some very useful links to games and attachments with activities to support your child in their learning of phonics and maths.


There are some lovely ideas on this latest link from the DFE for your 'Hungry Little Minds'




Effective Learner

In our Early Years unit we are always observing ways in which children learn. There are 3 characteristics of effective learning which help us focus and understand how children learn.


We have a 'child friendly' theme of dinosaurs to celebrate their achievements, these include:- Stickasaurus, Thinkasaurus and Explorasaurus. When a child shows a characteristic they receive a character (badge) to represent that characteristic and to celebrate their learning, plus their picture is displayed with that characteristic. (see attachment)


WOW Moments

Throughout the year, we will be compiling a Learning Journey showing your child's comments, photos and work from both school and home. The wow cards are a way for you to record those moments when your child says or does something  that makes you think 'wow'! The  wow cards or work can then be shared with the rest of the class before being placed in your child's Learning Journey.

Maths Challenges

The maths challenges are short activity ideas that can fit into your day and will help your child see math’s as fun as well as further supporting their learning from school.  Each activity will relate to the different aspects of the area of learning called ‘mathematics.’

You can repeat each activity as many times as your child wants to. Feel free to change the ideas to suit your child’s interests, what you have in your house and their current level of development. If your child wants to represent their thinking on paper let them do so in their own way. For example they might not want to write numbers, but they might want to draw to communicate their mathematical thinking.

Remember to keep the activities as fun as possible as we want our children to enjoy maths.

Online Maths Games

Below are some online maths games you may like to play with your child to support their mathematical learning and skills.  If you find, or know of any more maths sites your child enjoys and you wish to share it with other parents, please let us know and we can add it to the list. 

Thank you.