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Reception enjoyed Mindfullness day, see what we got up to!

'Stunning Start' to our new topic - Are we there yet?

Reception and Nursery trip to 'The Enchanted Forest' 26.6.19

Welcome to Reception


 Class Teacher:Mrs Teale       

Teaching Assistant:Mrs Harris, Miss Moore and Mrs Mason


Hello and welcome to Reception class page. 


In Reception our learning environment is organised to enable children to source and access resources for themselves, promoting independence and responsibility.


We have a balance between adult led and child initiated activities, both through indoor and outdoor play.


The children’s interests are paramount when we are planning activities, in order to fully engage them in their learning. These interests are developed further through enhancing the resources provided within the learning areas.

 Star of the Week

Laciee Walters


Stars of the Term - Spring 2


Holly Dawson and Mylo Maidens



Mathematician of the half term

Alfie Barker

Writer of the half term

Tilly Moore


Handwriter of the half term

Harry Plant 


Friday Book Share

As part of our love to read project we would like to encourage children to share stories with their family.

We open our door at 3.05 every Friday for parents/carers to come into class and share our book of the week and some of our learning.  Children can also choose a new book to share at home.  Please return books to school the following Friday.


What we have been learning

Please see weekly notes below

 Phonic Information

 At Brownhills West Primary school, your child takes part in daily phonics sessions to help develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills. They are taught using RWI (Read Write Inc).  This is a comprehensive literacy program that aims to get children reading and writing really quickly.  The program enables children to develop skills in reading, writing, spoken language, vocabulary, grammar and spelling in a fully integrated way.  This will raise standards in children's literacy and spark a lifelong love of reading.


RWI Phonics

Your children have now learnt most of their sounds and are beginning to learn some 'special friends' too.  They have been placed into small groups where the teaching is specifically directed at their level and is designed to accelerate their learning.  This means they will be bringing different books and words home on different days.  If you are unsure please ask any of the staff.


The links that Jilly spoke about in our parent meeting are below.  If you have any questions, please pop in and ask us.


Ruth Miskin Parents’ Page:


 Ruth Miskin Facebook:


 Free e-books for home reading:


Please find below some online phonics games you may like to play with your children.

Helping your child

We believe that parents play an important role in being involved in their child's education.

At the bottom of this page, you will find lots of important information about how we teach phonics, writing and maths. There are also some very useful links to games and attachments with activities to support your child in their learning of phonics and maths.

Effective Learner

In our Early Years unit we are always observing ways in which children learn. There are 3 characteristics of effective learning which help us focus and understand how children learn.


We have a 'child friendly' theme of dinosaurs to celebrate their achievements, these include:- Stickasaurus, Thinkasaurus and Explorasaurus. When a child shows a characteristic they receive a character (badge) to represent that characteristic and to celebrate their learning, plus their picture is displayed with that characteristic. (see attachment)


WOW Moments

Throughout the year, we will be compiling a Learning Journey showing your child's comments, photos and work from both school and home. The wow cards are a way for you to record those moments when your child says or does something  that makes you think 'wow'! The  wow cards or work can then be shared with the rest of the class before being placed in your child's Learning Journey.

Maths Challenges

The maths challenges are short activity ideas that can fit into your day and will help your child see math’s as fun as well as further supporting their learning from school.

Each activity will relate to the different aspects of the area of learning called ‘mathematics.’

You can repeat each activity as many times as your child wants to. Feel free to change the ideas to suit your child’s interests, what you have in your house and their current level of development. If your child wants to represent their thinking on paper let them do so in their own way. For example they might not want to write numbers, but they might want to draw to communicate their mathematical thinking.

Remember to keep the activities as fun as possible as we want our children to enjoy maths.

Online Maths Games

Below are some online maths games you may like to play with your child to support their mathematical learning and skills.  If you find, or know of any more maths sites your child enjoys and you wish to share it with other parents, please let us know and we can add it to the list. 

Thank you.