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Year 6

School Closure 

If you need to contact us about any of the work your child has been set or if you would like to share photos of the activities you have been doing or if you've found anything you think everyone else might find interesting, please email us:

Yr 6 - if you find an interesting film on Literacy Shed that you would like me to set everyone or you would like to send me your work - please do! I'm monitoring the email address so I can put your work on the website.

School Closure Week 3 

Hi Year 6, 

It's been a strange week being at home all week. I'm sure some of you are finding it quite difficult and in truth, I am too so you're not the only ones. Somehow I've managed to eat 3 Easter eggs already- you all know I love chocolate so this week I need to try and cycle more. I also made a skittles milkshake, which tasted incredible! I'll upload some pictures of my week for you on here. 


Thanks to: Dylan, Grace, Amy, Jess Has and Harrison who have all sent me work - their photos are below.  


Well done to these children for completing some of the tasks set


Lexia: Jacey 80minutes completed - come on the rest of you! 

TTRS: Tosan, Nathan, Grace, Daisy, Jack, Dylan, Maisy, Amylee, Jacey, Jess Has, Katelyn and Katy

Diagnostic Questions: Amylee, Richie, Alfie, Jess Has, Grace, Keleigh, Dylan, Jacey, Maisy, Blake, Jack and Daisy. 



School Closure Week 2

Hi Year 6,

A quick update, last week I was in school for the week. I helped look after the children in school on Monday and Tuesday and then I spent a few days sorting through all of the PE equipment we bought. I also cycled to work and tried to complete the Joe Wicks session - I struggled to move for 4 days after. 


Well done to these children for completing:


Blake, Dylan, Amylee, Grace and Lydia

Diagnostic Questions:

Blake, Lydia, Dylan, Grace and Daisy 

Please try to get on RockStars each day and try to complete the 10 Diagnostic Questions set for the week.


Have a great week, any problems please contact me. 

Check out what I saw when I cycled into work last week

Check out what I saw when I cycled into work last week  1
Check out what I saw when I cycled into work last week  2

Year 6 Work Sent In

School Closure - Year 6  

Hello Year 6, 

A few things I'd like to say: 


Firstly, I know most of you think I sit at home listening to piano music...and this is mostly true :-) Alexis Ffrench, the pianist we listen to in class released his new album last week. If you want some wonderful music to listen to when you're working check out the song called 'One' - it's my favourite so far. 


1. I know some of you were upset last week that we might not be in school for quite some time and you were worrying about missing the prom, leavers assemblies and Laches Wood. We don't really know when you will be back in school properly, but I will make a promise to you - I will organise a BBQ on the school field with a bouncy castle for Year 6 as soon as we are through this and we'll have a great time all back together again. 

2. Keeping up with your school work is really important over the next few weeks -  but so is looking after yourself and having fun. 

3. Each week I will put a selection of learning opportunities on the website for you, as and when I see things I'll also upload anything I think you'll find interesting.  


Lastly, make the most of this opportunity (Don't sit watching TV all day or playing on your Xbox) I'm going to use some of this time to make sure my back is better by doing the Joe Wicks daily work outs, daily yoga and I'll be cycling to school when I'm in. 


Stay fit, Stay healthy and I'll see you all soon from Mr Briley. 



Welcome to Year 6!

Mr Briley and Mrs Butler


Welcome to Year 6's page. Here we will keep you updated on what has been going on in Year 6 over the year - it's sure to be a busy one!  At the bottom of this page you will find documents and links that you may find handy to use with your child.



Indoor (Wednesday) Outdoor (Thursday)

Indoor PE kit consists of blue shorts, a yellow t-shirt and black pumps. For Outdoor PE lessons children will need a kit that will keep them sufficiently warm and dry so a tracksuit, trainers, clean socks and a lightweight waterproof jacket would be ideal. Both PE kits should be in school every day. Children need to have their hair tied back and be free of all jewellery. It is a good idea to make sure that earrings are left at home. 



Children who receive brass instrument tuition must have their instruments with them every Friday ready for their lessons with Mr Bennett.  


Star of the Week, Writer of the Term and Mathematician of the Term

Each week Mr Briley picks a 'Star of the Week' along with a fabulous half-termly Mathematician and Writer. 


Topic Stunning Start

As an introduction to our Mayan topic, we looked at images of Mayan temples and then tried to recreate some of our own using sugar cubes. Check out our attempts!

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