Brownhills West Primary School

Our Curriculum Vision

We believe ALL children are entitled to high quality education. Being on a learning journey from a variety of starting points, every child deserves the right to access a broad and balanced curriculum that removes barriers to achievement.

We provide a curriculum which enables children to acquire a depth of skills and knowledge through sequencing and intelligent repetition. Learning exposes children to a language-rich diet where they work within engaging environments. We offer a variety of experiences that enable the children to make links and contextualise their learning through an engaging, fun curriculum in which they are challenged both educationally and personally. 

Through a growth mindset approach, we expect children to ‘Dream Big’ so that they become determined, resilient, ambitious, motivated, curious and independent. The cultural capital that we deliver includes the ability to communicate clearly, to be broad-minded, to be tolerant of others, to be confident, to show creativity and to problem-solve; we believe these essential life skills will enable every child to face the next stage of their education and prepare them to be responsible and successful citizens in this ever-changing world.