Brownhills West Primary School


Why do we teach design and technology at Brownhills West?

At Brownhills West, our Design and Technology curriculum prepares our pupils to be able to deal with tomorrows rapidly changing world. It is an exciting practical subject which allows children to make sense of appliances and processes in their environment. Design and Technology lessons can extend and enhance children’s natural curiosity of how and why things work, by providing pupils with the opportunity to apply and develop their skills. Design and Technology at our school presents children with a series of real life scenarios, where children become independent creative problem solvers. As they do this they will develop their ability to evaluate past and present designs, the uses they have and the impact they have on the real world. Through Design and Technology, children become more focused on what makes a successful product and more imaginative in how a product could be made or improved. Design and Technology draws on the child’s knowledge and experience from other subject areas particularly English, Maths, Science and Art.


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Long Term Plan

Progression of Knowledge and Skills